Dolwe Island Tour / Lake Victoria

Enclosed in a freshwater lake is an Island scattered with incredible rocks designed by unknown unique paintings and caves that will blow your mind with a sense of discovery and appreciation of God’s work of Creation.

The huge stony Rocks sitting on smaller stones without falling off or breaking making a rocky shelter create an adrenaline discovery of nature and wonder, immersing you into a real-life adventure movie.

Dolwe Island is one of Uganda’s secret destinations, a picturesque Island covering an area of 25sq.Km. The Island is dotted by several granite rocks and boulders that rise like castles across the Landscape.

The Island has 13 ancient painted rock shelters, the mystery paintings are a unique pre-historic pictograph that dates back to 3000 years and are among the oldest and most extensive records of human imagination on earth.

The Island is naturally beautiful made with artistic mastery of fascinating rocks. The magnificent rocky Island is located in the Northeastern part of Lake Victoria, a large freshwater lake in Namayingo District, Uganda.

The Island can be accessed by taking a 3–4-hour boat cruise from the Bwondha landing site in the Mayuge district via the Lake Victoria waters to the Island.

The Jewel of Lake Victoria can be accessed by taking a 3–4-hour boat cruise from the Bwondha landing site in the Mayuge district via the Lake Victoria waters to the Island.

As you walk around the rocks, you will see permanent rock paintings that can’t be rubbed no matter how much it rains, the ancient islanders painted rocks with maroon colors that have lived to date, and you wonder What Kind of Paint was used to write on the rocks that have stayed for over 3000 years. The local people use the rock shelters as places of worship for their gods and the island has got 7 shrines.

Besides paintings, the ancestral inhabitants of the island had exceptional techniques of drilling holes to model anything they wanted.

The paintings on rocks in Dolwe Island portray shapes that beings unknown to the current inhabitants of the land who comprise mostly the Jaluo from Kenya and Ugandans from different tribes.

The Jaluo form a bigger majority and they named the villages according to the shapes of the rocks and other features on the Island. Among inhabitants of the island are Baganda, Iteso, Langi, Basoga, Acholi, and Banyankore who have built homes and set up businesses in a quest to develop the area.

Things to do at Dolwe Island

Boat cruising

Enjoy a scenic ride on Lake Victoria as you explore the rocky Island. Lake Victoria has got tranquil and calm waters that favor boat cruising and canoeing. The boat cruise on Lake Victoria is one of the charming activities tourists must encounter while on their visit to Dolwe Island.

Nature walks.

The walks around the Island will give you a closer encounter with the splendid rocks and paintings, take shelter under the rocks and caves.

Community Visits.

The Island is inhabited by different groups of people; a visit to the community will immerse you in the vibrant cultures of the local people.

Other activities to do on Dolwe Island include fishing, birding, and swimming among others.

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Other Islands to explore on Lake Victoria

Ngamba Island.

The Island is located 14 miles east of Entebbe city and can only be accessed by a boat cruise from Entebbe.

Ngamba Island is a Chimpanzee Sanctuary home to 52 orphaned and rescued chimpanzees from poachers. The Island is a rainforest area that is rich with a biodiversity of wildlife.

The visit to the Chimpanzee Sanctuary will give you an exceptional opportunity to closely observe these fascinating great apes in our unique protected setting.

Banda Island

Banda Island is surrounded by rainforests and the large Lake Victoria which makes it more secluded and the perfect place for tourists to go for a quiet getaway from the busy Center.

Banda Island is a budget-friendly place to visit and there are many ways that you can get there. You can connect from Bugala to Banda Island on a hired boat or get a boat ride from Kasenyi’s landing site in Entebbe straight to Banda.
While at Banda you can enjoy, the yummy local meals that are served via the restaurants around the Island, there several exciting activities that you can engage in like kayaking, swimming, relaxing at the beach, beach volleyball, hiking through the heavy rainforest and stargazing when the sunsets among others.

Bugala Island

Bugala is the largest inhabited island in Ssese and it is the most visited as well. It is the only Island which is accessible from the mainland by use of a ferry, and it is also where the main town known as Ssese is found.

Surrounded by beaches and pristine rainforests, Bugala Island is the best destination for tourists and locals who come from the City Centre on weekends to enjoy more partying, although in a laid-back version.

Bulago Island

Bulago Island is an extremely small Island that is just 45 minutes away from Entebbe using a speedboat or less if you charter a plane. The Island lies along the equator and has only one resort known as the Pineapple Bay.

The Pineapple Bay offers all the accommodation facilities that you need to inform of villas scattered along the beach and meals throughout your stay. The few activities that you can enjoy while here includes swimming, lounging on the beach, and taking a nature walk around the 2500m island.

Koome Island

Koome Island is found in the North-eastern part of Lake Victoria, and it is also the largest in the North-eastern Islands which are separated by the Koome Channel.

The Island is approximately 63 kilometres away from Kalangala which is found in Bugala and the largest town on Koome Island is known as Bugombe.

Some of the activities that you can carry out while here includes fishing, beach volleyball, shopping, and nature walks among others. The main activities that are carried out by the locals here are fishing, animal rearing, and agriculture.


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How to get to Dolwe Island?

Dolwe Island rock art can be accessed by water transport. The Island is located on Lake Victoria, 50km from the mainland and thus you need to take a 3-hour boat cruise from Entebbe or Jinja to the Island.

In Conclusion

Explore and enjoy the vistas of the untouched natural beauty of Uganda. Dolwe Island is one of the must-visit islands on Lake Victoria that will offer you spectacular views of the wonders of the area, which gives an exceptional experience.


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