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Kibale Forest Primate Park Safari

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Kibale Forest Primate Park Safari

Silent but alien sound of nature from distant, ever green blowing fig trees with freshness of the dew and mist. In the distance behind, you may hear one of the park’s elephants plowing a path into the trees.

Look left and right, you will encounter four-legged visitors, like the baboon, bushbuck, and giant forest hog.
Stare your eyes in the air, a single scene might capture the iconic and the unique as an olive long-tailed cuckoo will fly above a small buffalo herd.

Covering 766 sq. kilometers (296 sq. miles), Kibale National Park in western Uganda has alluring landscape scenery, biodiversity, and various remarkable tourist activities.

The evergreen protected tropical rainforest and the nearby Ndali-Kasenda Crater region are close to being an independent traveler’s dream.

Kibale Forest is mysteriously attractive to nature lovers who are attracted to its wide range of forest birds and primate’s species.

The Park is a realm of ancient trees and hidden treasures that stun you with glory and beauty while hearing the nature sounds and echoes from far distances.

Attractions in Kibale Forest National Park.


The Kibale forest is one of the parks with the highest concentration of endangered primates including the Chimpanzees, Red-colobus monkeys, the rare L’Hoest’s monkeys, and also the Balck-and-white Colombus monkeys.

The park is home to over 70 mammal species and habits the largest population of forest elephants, along with Buffaloes, duikers, bushbuck, warthogs, and also predators such as leopards, and the African Golden cat, giant forest hog among others.

The canopy is filled with charming songs that every bird lover would wish to listen. Kibaale forest national park harbors over 375 bird species making it as a must-visit destination for birding safaris.

Bird species in the park include the African green broadbill, black bee-eater, Purple-breasted sunbird, and yellow-spotted nicator among others.


guided on a tracking hike to see the endangered primates and you are offered sometimes learning and observing their behaviors.

Chimpanzees can be spotted in many other parks of East Africa but the chances of seeing them are less compared to Kibale Forest.

Birding Safari

The Kibale forest national park is one of the best tourist destinations for birding safaris with 375 different bird species and also has a wide range of plant species ranking it as a must-visit destination for birders and nature lovers.

The bird species include, blue headed sun bird, African pitta, crowned eagle, black bee eater, red faced woodland warble, the great blue turaco.


Mpanga falls trail.

The Mpanga River forms this impressive waterfall as it tumbles over the rim of the 1,200m Mount Karubaguma some 15km before emptying into Lake George.
The waterfall, estimated to be about 50m high, is enclosed by a steep gorge and supports a lush cover of spray forest. You can easily reach Mpanga Falls as a day trip from Kibale National Park or as a diversion from the main road between Kamwenge and Ibanda.

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Activities to do in Kibale National Park.

Primate tracking.

Kibale National Park is a natural wonderland and the best destination for tracking chimpanzees.
The park is well known as one of the tourist destinations with the highest population of endangered primate species in Africa.

The primate species in the park include endangered Chimpanzees which are special because they share over 95% of their DNA with humans.

Along chimpanzees, you can also spot the rare L’Hoest Monkeys, the endangered Red Colobus Monkey, the cheeked Mangabey, the Red-tailed Monkeys, the Bush Baby, Blue Monkeys, Vervet Monkeys, Olive Baboons, and also the Black and White Colobus.

Chimpanzee habituation experience.

The Chimp enthusiasts will spend the day doing a chimpanzee habituation experience to gain a deeper understanding of the Chimp behaviors, the way they feed, reproduce, breastfeed, and how they live socially and play.

Kibale Forest National Park in Uganda is one of the best tourist destinations for chimpanzee habituation where researchers, guides, and trekkers lead you to the lush vegetation in search of these primates.

While doing Chimpanzee habituation, you also witness different plant species, butterflies, bird species, and mammals.

Guided Nature Walks.

The most interesting activity in Kibale National Park is the guided chimpanzee tracking excursion done at the Kanyanchu visitor center.

Almost as popular, is the guided walking trail through the Bigodi Wetland Sanctuary, which is probably better for general monkey viewing encountering the red-tailed colobus monkey, black and white colobus monkey, and one of the finest birding trails in the country.

There is also plenty of potential for unguided exploration in the area, along the main road through the forest and around Bigodi trading center.

Night / Nocturnal walks.

Night walks in the Kibale Forest National Park are one exceptional activity that offers lifetime memories while witnessing nocturnal animals like pottos, bush babies, and other birds like bats that are only active at night.

Birding safaris at Bigodi Wetland Sanctuary.

Kibale Forest is rich in abundant bird species, harboring over 375 different bird species.
In the closed canopy forest, birds are more heard and seen including the blue-headed bee-eater, green-breasted pitta, and Cassin’s spine tail.

A few hours’ walk through the Bigodi swamp offers an opportunity to spot over 310 bird species including the Grey Parrot, African Crowned eagles, black bee-eaters, Guinea Fowl, Grey-throated Flycatcher, Grey-winged Robin, Crested Flycatcher, Blue shouldered Robin-Chat, Yellow-spotted Barbet, Black-billed Turaco, White-naped Pigeon, Red-chested Flufftail, White-collared Olive back, White-bellied, Masked Apalis, Nahan’s Francolin, Tiny Sunbird among others.

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Why Visit the Park.

All around the forest are magnificent human like creatures that every visitor would wish to visit.

The Kibale Forest National Park is renowned as one of the world’s must-visit destinations for primate tracking because it harbors over 13 primate species including the chimpanzee, red tailed monkey, black and white colobus monkey.

Best time to visit

Kibale Forest National Park can be visited at any time all year long.

However, there are high peak seasons to visit the park which are highly recommended that is from June to August and November to March.

During this time the chimp trails are drier which encourages exciting chimpanzee tracking activities.

And in contrast, Kibale Forest trails are more slippery in the wetter seasons and this can make chimp tracking activities more challenging. But it is crucial to also note that every season the park offers outstanding safari experiences.

How to get there.

By road transport means, the park is 335km from Kampala which is a 4-5 hours’ drive to the Kibale Forest National Park. The most common route is from Kampala – Fort Portal and from fort portal; it is a shorter distance to Kibale Forest National Park entrance.

By air transport means, you book a flight at Entebbe Airport which is approximately 1 hour to Kasese airstrip.

In Conclusion,

Kibale forest national park is one of Uganda’s forest protected areas with medicinal plants, and most charming is the Chimpanzee tracking and habituation experience that makes feel a changed life they had never lived before. Regards! Friendly gorillas safaris.


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