Kidepo Valley National Park Wildlife Safari

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Kidepo valley national park wildlife safaris

Kidepo valley national park is a 1442 sq. km national park in the Karamoja region in the northeast part of Uganda. Apparently, Kidepo valley national park is the most isolated park but still stands out to be one of the stunning untamed places every wildlife viewer can ever visit while on an Uganda safari, wildlife safari. This virgin national park is undoubtedly among the best wilderness destinations in Africa, harboring a medley of extinct species of wildlife that are uniquely found in the park in Uganda.

The wildlife safari Attractions in Kidepo valley national park

Apoka tourism Centre.

The wildlife safari center is where the park offices are located where travelers make clearance for all park tourism services and other administrative issues. It is an ideal place to book a ranger to escort you on a game viewing safari, guided walk, birding safari, community tour, or any inquiries.

Kidepo valley.

The wildlife safari valley is the park derives its name from the Kidepo Valley which means “to pick” from under. The Kidepo Valley is famous for scenic Borassus palm trees that are beautifully scattered all through the valley. The valley is crossed by river Kidepo that drains into the White Nile River.

Narus valley.

Narus is a local Karimojong word which means” muddy or soggy ground”. Karamoja is a semi-arid region with high temperatures, low rainfall and semi-arid vegetation that gets bare ground after a prolonged drought. The soil texture is soggy and holds water for longer periods after the rain season creating swamps, bushes and oases. The valley is crossed by the Narus River that provides water to the Karimojong nomads.

Namamukweny valley.

It literary translates to place without birds sic life, lonely, isolated place. It’s an absolute gem blessed by nature’s beauty in abundance. It’s a perfect setting for travelers seeking solitude and places of retreat to explore and refresh their minds without inconveniences of modern-day life luxuries.

Kanangorok hot springs.

The hot springs are located in the northern part of the park beyond Kidepo River bordering South Sudan. It’s about 50 degrees hot and can boil an egg and contains some healing powers or spiritual cleansing thus tourists can find there some people taking bath.

Mount Morungole.

It ranges at 2750m in the Kidepo valley in the northeast of Apoka. Much of the mountain is lush Montane Forest; remarkably, different vegetation set up from much of Kidepo valley national park. It is the source of river Kidepo and Narus River and an ideal place for magazine photography, and spectacular views of the park.


Kidepo valley is a semi-arid savannah park where dates, acacia and butterfly pea are dominant in the Matheniko wildlife reserve. The reserve has unique wildlife species; game viewing safaris often yield fruitful results with cheetah, buffaloes, leopards, roan antelopes, blue duikers, waterbucks, jackals etc.

Cheetah safari in Kidep National park


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The wildlife safari Activities in Kidepo valley national park.


The wildlife safari landscapes and land features of Kidepo valley national park are exceptional from the rest of Uganda with unique savanna birding safari and a dream Uganda tour for bird watching expeditions. Rare species of endemic birds in the park include sighting the famous ostriches, Abyssinian roller, pygmy falcon, Jackson’s horn bill among others.


Hiking on Mount Murungole ranges is one of the having spectacular views of the Narus and Kidepo plain and the rest of the park. The
Hiking starts early in the morning before the temperature of Kidepo rise to the point, the hiking also provides for filming and photography safaris to capture the wonderful image of the entire Kidepo valley national park.


Recommended Safaris

Game drive

Kidepo valley wildlife safari national park is a popular place for game drives sightseeing the variety of wildlife species like the Kudus, mane less zebras, buffaloes, rhinos, elephant, waterbucks, giraffes, Nile crocodiles, Kobs, duikers, cheetah, leopard. The game drive gives an opportunity to spot the eye-catching savanna grasslands, flat terrain with scenic undulating hills scattered in a few spots.

Nature walk.

Kidepo valley is a true vast African wilderness with flat plains in the scenic landscapes and land features where the beautiful wildlife species are spread all over the corners of the park. A nature walks into Lamoj hills gifts visitors an opportunity to spot wildlife within the adjacent valley, Kanangorok hot spring viewing.

Culture encounters.

The Ik people had inhabited the Mount Morungole ranges as their sacred home. After losing their ancestral land for conservation of wildlife, they transverse the Karamoja plains in search of game for hunting, gathering fruits, leaves and fruits. The IK people live a polygamous lifestyle and look at childbearing as a sign of blessings from their ancestors. Visit the IK homestead on Mount Morungole and experience their Africa lifestyles of living.


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