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The Pearl of Africa is like a hot cup of coffee packed with this overall impression of goodness and lasting taste of unforgettable experiences.

Mmhh smell that? That’s a Ugandan safari

From its earthly evergreen beautiful forests (Mabira, Kibale forest, Bwindi impenetrable forest), ranging hills and mountains (Mt.Elgon, Rwenzori mountains), sparkling lakes and rivers (River Nile, Lake Victoria, Lake Albert, Lake Bunyonyi, Lakes George and Edward) to the sprawling savannas covering the National parks and game reserves.

Uganda is indeed the Pearl of Africa.


  • Gorilla Trekking

This is one of the most thrilling wildlife encounters on an African safari; nothing can really prepare you for that first moment as you stand just meters away from a family of mountain gorillas in the evergreen Bwindi impenetrable forest in South Western Uganda.Must Do Uganda

Setting your eyes on these gentle and peaceful giants is a true definition of “once in a lifetime’’ moment of your life. You will get to spend an hour in the presence of the mountain gorillas once you track them down.

Where to go: Bwindi Impenetrable National Park and Mgahinga Gorilla National Park

  • Chimpanzee trekking

Given their agility and small size, chimps tend to stick to the tree line. Swinging from one tree to the next. The rustling of the trees always gives away the location of the Chimpanzees during the trek.

Chimps are highly social animals and call to one another across the extent of the forest which will make it easier for you to spot them.

Chimpanzees are not fully habituated so they might keep running away from you, but that’s the thrill of this activity. You will end up chasing them just to catch a close glimpse of your close relatives.

Where to go: Kibale Forest in Kibale National Park, Kyambura Gorge in Queen Elizabeth National Park, Budongo Forest Reserve

  • The Source of the Nile

The source of the Nile is found in Jinja which is the adventure capital of Uganda. Anyone who has sought an adventurous trip in Uganda has first considered Jinja before any other place.

The Nile is amazing on its own, now top that with the different activities that are carried out on the Nile River.

These include: White water rafting, Bungee jumping into the Nile, Kayaking, Tubing the Nile, Canoeing, Boat Cruise to the Source of the Nile, Family float, Nile sup and so much more.

Where to go: Jinja

  • Boat / Launch Cruises in the Wild

Imagine gliding slowly on the River Nile and on the amazing Kazinga channel with beautiful scenic views of the lush green vegetation on the shores, the several bird species and aquatic wildlife (hippos, crocodiles), looking and listening to the birds flying across the water. Just breathe taking.

The launch cruise on the River Nile in Murchison Falls National Park will take to the bottom of the mighty and powerful Murchison Falls.

A sight to marvel at, as the great River Nile squeezes itself through a narrow gorge, plunging down with a thunderous roar. You can also opt to hike to the top of the falls after the cruise.

The launch cruise on Kazinga channel is the highlight of the safari to Queen Elizabeth national park. This 40 km long channel joins 2 lakes, Edward and George. It’s a peaceful magical experience that shouldn’t be missed as it also offers chances of taking up-close clear pictures of the wildlife as the boat moves slowly close to the shores.

Professional UWA ranger guides provide you with all the information necessary while on the cruise and can answer any questions while at that too.

Where to go: Murchison Falls National Park and Queen Elizabeth National Park

  • Hot Air ballooning

Talk about flying without wings. This is an amazing thrilling activity that you ought to experience. The balloon can raise up to 10,000 feet above sea level.MUST DO UGANDA

Catch the sunrise or sunset as you fly high and above the savanna plains of the park with great views the wildlife such as lions, herds of buffaloes, antelopes, and so much more.

You now have an opportunity to view the wild from an elevated angle and take aerial photos, memories to cherish for life.

Imagine how much of the wild a bird sees as it flies high up in the air.

This spectacular view, you too can experience.

Where to go: Murchison Falls National Park, Queen Elizabeth National Park

  • Hike to the top of the Mighty Powerful Falls

The top of the falls hike at Murchison Falls National Park is a strenuous yet exhilarating experience.

After a boat cruise to the bottom of Murchison Falls, take a hike to the top of the falls. The hike will take around 45-minutes, depending on how fast you can climb!

If you enjoy history, you may be interested to learn that you are following in the footsteps of Sir Winston Churchill and the explorer Sir Samuel Baker. From the top of the falls, you will see the Nile waters begin their 43-meter drop through a narrow gorge to form this powerful Murchison waterfall.

Where to go: Murchison Falls National Park

  • See the Wild Rhinos at Ziwa Rhino Sanctuary

Located north of Kampala in Nakasongola, this sanctuary is home to Uganda’s only population of wild rhinos. Go Rhino tracking at the sanctuary, but that is not all it offers.

Other activities at the Sanctuary include:

Shoebill Trek and Canoe Ride

Birding Walk

Nature Walk

Night Walk

  • Straddle the Equator

One of the most well-known landmarks in Uganda, the Equator. The best place to straddle the equator in Uganda is in Mpigi District in Kayabwe.MUST DO UGANDA

You are able to stand with one of your feet in the northern hemisphere and the other in the southern hemisphere at this point; it is such an amazing experience to stand at both sides of the world. 

The movement and drainage of the water will differ from the Northern and the southern hemispheres at the Equator line. At the Equator line itself, the water drains straight down.

Stop at the Equator while on your journey to South Western Uganda and check out this experiment. A number of structures have been put up, so remember to carry a souvenir for your family and or friends.

Where to go: Kayabwe, Mpigi District

  • Go Game viewing

Uganda is home to different wildlife species (mammals, birds) that you can easily marvel at during a game drive in any of its national widespread National Parks and Game reserves. They are widely spread over the savannah plains, either grazing, hunting or resting.

Game drives can be done early morning, in the afternoon, in the evening and at night in the National Parks.

Animal sightings may include: African Elephants, Buffalos, Lions, Leopards, Antelopes, different primate species (monkeys, baboons), chimpanzees, and lots of bird species, warthogs, hippos, zebras, giraffes, waterbucks, bushbucks, wild pigs and so much more

Where to go: Queen Elizabeth National Park, Murchison falls NP, Lake Mburo NP, Kidepo Valley NP

  • Kampala City Tour

Kampala is Uganda’s national and commercial capital bordering Lake Victoria, Africa’s largest lake. Located in Central Uganda, Kampala is the most populous town in the country. With its rich historical background (religion, culture, and politics), Kampala is a city worth visiting.

Where to go: Kabaka’s palace, Kasubi Tombs, Uganda National Mosque, Namirembe and Rubaga Cathedral, Baha’i Temple, Namugongo Martyr’s Shrine, Uganda Museum, Ndere Cultural Center, African Craft Village, Downtown (Owino markets, Nakasero market).


This list only covers some of the country’s most popular highlights. Do not be fooled by Uganda’s small size. It is packed with many different tourist attractions and activities that can fit any type of traveler.

Do not forget to try out the famous mouthwatering Rolex (fried eggs rolled in a chapatti) while on safari in Uganda.


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