Uganda Photographic safari

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Uganda Photographic safari

The photography safaris to Uganda offer exhilarating experiences and one the perfect ways to capture everlasting memories on your safari.

Photographic safaris in Uganda are for all kinds of travelers whether Amateur or professional photographers, what is important is to have craved moments during your safari.

Uganda is home to charming wildlife, colorful birds, stunning communities, and a variety of outstanding physical features including blue water bodies, captivating tropical rainforests, mountain ranges, and one of the best climates in Africa that offer the best photography shots.

The most dramatic photographic safaris include capturing wildlife like awe-some mountain gorillas in Bwindi Impenetrable Forest National Park and outstanding physical features, such as the breathtaking Rwenzori Mountain ranges.

In addition, there are other picturesque places of photographic interest in the pearl of Africa where you can have extraordinary experiences during your photographic safari which include religious, historical, and cultural sites among others.

Where to for a photographic Safari in Uganda?

The remarkable photographic tour to the pearl of Africa offers amazing moments with nature as you capture the country’s magical beauty in picturesque tourist destinations.

While planning your photography adventure to Africa, Uganda is no doubt your best destination of arrival to take the first shots of your safari.

Western Uganda

The western region of Uganda offers the most rewarding and exhilarating photographic safari. It is a captivating destination with majestic green rolling, terraced hills, jungle tropical rainforests, fascinating lakes, swamps, and savannahs.

Bwindi gorilla

The Bwindi Impenetrable Forest National Park and Mgahinga Gorilla National Park in southwestern Uganda are home to the World’s most endangered and awesome mountain gorillas as well as golden monkeys that offer perfect shots of the majestic primates as they feed, interact, groom, and mate with each other in the jungle forests. Besides gorilla trekking, the two destinations offer spectacular views of other primates like black and white colobus monkeys, Mammals, reptiles, waterfalls, flora, colorful birds, and the local Batwa communities as well as scenic views of Lake Mutanda.

Driving through snake-like roads in the Kigezi region with panoramic views of the majestic landscapes and local communities gives perfect photos for your safari.

In addition, you will encounter magical Lake Bunyonyi in Kabale, dotted with 29 beautiful islands with unique riveting stories.

The lake is a paradise of a medley of bird species and is surrounded by breathtaking terraced hills with ecstatic views of the countryside. Hiking the surrounding hills will give you a better ground for taking the photograph that will make you long-lasting memories.

Lake -Bunyonyi

Lake -Bunyonyi

Featured Uganda Gorilla Safaris

Western Uganda’s savanna parks have a good climate for astonishing wildlife photographic safari.

The breathtaking parks of Queen Elizabeth and Lake Mburo have got magnificent landscapes including savannah grassland, rainforest, wetland, rivers, lakes, and acacia woodland which are home to a medley of wildlife such as Tree-climbing lions in the Ishasha sector as well as crocodiles, hippos, elephants, monitor lizards, buffaloes, lions, warthogs, bushbucks, water bucks, and Uganda kobs along the Kazinga channel, crater lakes and bird life that give exceptional photographs for the safari.

Queen Elizabeth National park tree climbing lions

Western Uganda also holds the mystical mountains of the moon with the highest summit Margherita at 4,321m above the sea level. The Rwenzori Mountains offer an adrenaline-pumping hike to the summit that offers the rest of the world vistas the best points to capture photos of a lifetime memory.

A photography safari to western Uganda takes you to the dramatic Kibale National Park which is a haven for enchanting chimpanzee populations as well as other primates such as L’Hoest’s and Red-tailed monkeys, baboons, red colobus, bush babies, Blue Monkeys, Mangabeys, Pottos, Black & white colobus monkeys and colorful birds.

The magnificent chimpanzees and other primates are always roaming in their natural habitat jumping between branches in the tree canopies with close spectacular views while taking your lifetime memories as they feed, interact, groom, and play with each other.

The Park features attractive landscapes of tropical rainforests, swamps, and plenty of plant and tree species. And it is not just about chimpanzees, the Park also has a variety of buffaloes, forest elephants, warthogs, and a collection of bird species.

More destinations that should be on all photographers’ lists in western Uganda include Semiliki National Park which is home to the famed Sempaya Hot Springs, and Kabarole district which features wonderful historical and cultural sites including the Amabere ga Nyina Mwiru, the Tooro Kingdom palace, and views of the Rwenzori Mountain ranges.


The photography safaris to Eastern Uganda will take you to the adventure capital of East Africa which is home to the source of the mighty river Nile, the world’s longest river, and Lake Victoria – the third largest lake in the globe and the perfect destination for family safari and honeymoon holidaymakers.

Jinja gives thrilling photography moments as you capture the outstanding waterfalls, and stunning lush vegetation surrounding the river, with various eagles and kingfishers hunting for prey, egrets, and cormorants, and local fishermen doing their best.

Jinja offers adrenaline-pumping activities such as white-water rafting, bungee jumping, tubing the Nile, water sliding, and horseback riding. Visit the local villages and landing sites to capture the best moments of the natives as they go on about their daily lives.

As you proceed eastwards, your photographic safari will give splendid points for the best shots of the safari on top of Mount Elgon, Uganda’s second-highest mountain.

The mountain offers an invigorating hike through the spectacular landscape is comprised of bamboo glades and tropical montane forests with great scenery for photography.

At the bottom of the mountain is a series of waterfalls, magnificent Sipi, surrounded by lush vegetation and picturesque wallpaper cliffs that any nature photographer wouldn’t want to miss.

Recommended Safaris

Murchison Falls National Park

Murchison Falls National Park is Uganda’s largest park with an array of majestic landscapes of palm-dotted savannah trees that is a haven for a medley of wildlife and bird life in Uganda.

The park is intersected by the Victoria Nile into two sections i.e., northern and southern banks, the northern bank is covered by savannah grasslands, riverine woodlands, and acacia trees while the southern bank is mainly covered by forest and woodland patches, and both sections have great spots for photographers.

The park hosts the World’s most powerful waterfall, the Murchison Falls. The roaring cascades are formed after the mighty Nile waters surge through a narrow 8m gorge, thereby creating a scenic rainbow. You can take exhilarating views on a boat cruise to the bottom of the falls and then take an invigorating hike to the top while capturing photographic shots of once-in-lifetime memories.

The park also gives astounding wildlife photographs of lions, Buffaloes, elephants, warthogs, antelopes, Nile crocodiles, hippos, leopards, and bird species like the rare Shoebill stork.

Kidepo Valley National Park.

It is located in north-eastern Uganda and is the least visited park in the country, it was declared the most beautiful National Park by CNN. It’s a rewarding destination for a photographic safari with the breathtaking savanna plains of Narus and Kidepo valleys dominated by Mount Morungole, the sacred land and home of the Ik people with beautiful culture are remarkably picturesque.

Besides breathtaking landscapes, Kidepo is a true African wilderness that hosts a medley of wildlife species including lions, leopards, cheetahs, oribi, spotted hyenas, black-backed jackals, buffaloes, Rothschild’s giraffes, Jackson’s Hartebeests, and zebras that give unforgettable wildlife photography experience.

To have a perfect photographic safari, you must consider packing a list of warm clothing, good hiking boots for the rough terrain, a rain jacket, insect repellent, a few pairs of light clothes, sunscreen, a hat, and or sunglasses, as well as a camera and batteries, and a pair of binoculars. Wildlife photography safaris are the perfect way to get up-close shots of wildlife, colorful birds, astounding landscapes, and nature among others.

In conclusion

Uganda is every photographer’s dream destination to capture the giant mountain gorillas, wildlife, birds, landscapes physical features, and culture that offer exhilarating and incredible experiences. The photographic safari to the Pearl of Africa gives long-lasting moments and extraordinary photographic experiences.


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