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Uganda Wildlife Sanctuaries

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A Look At The Abundant Wildlife Sanctuaries

If you really want to take a short/long break from the pressures of the modern home far from home, Uganda wildlife Wildlife Sanctuaries are definitely the right destination.

There is an abundance of wildlife and wildlife sanctuaries that provide incredible tours throughout the country to suit the taste of every individual.

The Abundance of Wildlife Sanctuaries in Uganda - Uganda SafarisThe lush expanse of the tropical rain forest, shimmering lakes, and rivers filled with aquatic life is a true adventure.

In addition to this, the glacial peaks of the Ruwenzori Mountain ranges provide a unique landscape.

Uganda has a tropical climate allowing travelers to visit the country any time of the year. The hottest months are between the months of December to February.

One-third of Uganda’s land is covered by water. This provides an ideal home to aquatic life such as fish, crocodiles, hippos, birds, and plants.

For instance, Lake Mburo National Park is located in the southern part of the country. Covering an area of 260 square kilometers, this park has a rich biodiversity.

With over 500 mammal species recorded in the country, 68 of these mammals live in this park.

This includes the Zebra, Antelope, Topi, Buffalo, Leopard, Hyena, Eland, Jackal, Impala and many others.

There are five lakes within this park which attracts many hippos, crocodiles and over 310 different types of birds.

Some of these birds include; Fish Eagle, Heron, Pelican, and Little Brown Birds.

Kipepeo Valley National Park is located on the Uganda border with Kenya and Sudan.

This park covers an area of approximately 1500 square kilometers and it is one of the most spectacular parks in the country.

Due to the huge latitude range and different weather conditions, the flora in this area is diverse.

Vegetation in this area ranges from open tree Savannah, mountain forest in the high region and dense acacia forest along the Lorupei river.

The flora diversity in this park attracts abundant wildlife. In fact, this park has the most concentration of animal species in the country.

There are over 80 different types of animals and 58 different types of birds in this area. Twenty-eight of these animal ZEBRA PARADISEspecies are not found anywhere else in Uganda.

The hills and rock out-crops give the park a beautiful landscape.

Semuleki national park, located on the western side of Uganda has the most breathtaking views.

Covering an area of 220 square kilometers, this park has a flat landform which ranges from 670 – 760 meters above the sea level.

Most areas of this park are flooded with water during the rainy season since all the surrounding streams and rivers drain their waters in this park.

In addition to this, the poor drainage and photography of this area contribute to the flooding.

The main attractions in this park include; forest juggle walk, hot springs, bird watching, viewing of the primates and thrill meandering of the Semuliki River.

Uganda is a sanctuary for a lot of wildlife including, rare species of Rhinos, snakes birds and so much more.

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