Uganda Budget Gorilla Trekking


Uganda Budget Gorilla Trekking

Uganda gorilla trekking is a once-in-a-lifetime event, yet the majority of people believe that only the wealthy should attempt this journey. Yet, the latter is not the case! In Uganda, Rwanda, and the Democratic Republic of the Congo, gorilla trekking in the wild is very much a possibility, regardless of the traveler’s financial situation.

Friendly Gorillas Safaris are the leading provider of gorilla trekking safaris, and we offer the most affordable gorilla trekking safari packages that are available. These gorilla trekking safari packages are ideal for tourists on a budget who are interested in having their imaginations stirred by gorillas in their natural habitat.

Top Uganda Budget Gorilla Trekking Packages

Searching for a budget gorilla trekking safaris? If your answer is yes, then you need search no farther than right here! We provide you with an unforgettable gorilla trekking experience in Uganda, Rwanda, and the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC) at a cost that is manageable for most people.

Hiking the Mountain Gorillas on a Budget in Uganda, the Jewel of Africa

The Bwindi Impenetrable National Park and the Mgahinga Gorilla National Park are the two locations in Uganda where visitors may actively participate in gorilla trekking trips. Both of Uganda’s spectacular gorilla parks are located in the southwest region of the country, safeguarding 563 of the 1063 gorillas who live there.

There are around 21 gorilla families in Uganda that have become accustomed to humans and may be seen by tourists on a budget. There are 21 different gorilla groups in Bwindi, and one of them may be found at the Mgahinga Gorilla National Park in the Kisoro area of southwest Uganda.

Gorilla tracking in Uganda may typically be accomplished at a reasonable cost. Because of this, it is now feasible for tourists on a tight budget to participate on excursions to view mountain gorillas. Tourists on budget safaris in Uganda can purchase gorilla licenses for one of two prices: $700 for foreign non-residents and $600 for foreign residents. The price for inhabitants of East African Community countries is 250,000 Ugx. We make arrangements for the most affordable and enjoyable gorilla trekking safari possible, and we even go so far as to book a gorilla permit for you in Uganda.

Rwanda, often known as the Land of a Thousand Hills, is a great place to go gorilla trekking on a budget.

Volcanoes National Park is the sole location in Rwanda where gorilla tracking safaris are offered, and visitors may only do it there. This park may be reached by car in just two to three hours from Kigali, and in three to four hours from Bwindi/Kabale or Mgahinga/Kisoro. It is located in the Ruhengeri area, which is in the Northwestern part of Rwanda.

Although Rwanda has marketed itself as a destination for high-end gorilla tourism, it is feasible to visit the country on a budget. Permits to hike gorillas in Rwanda may be purchased for the price of $1500 each, and reservations can be made through either our staff or the Rwanda Development Board (RDB).

Cheap gorilla trekking in DR Congo

Virunga National Park, which is good for tourists interested in trekking mountain gorillas, and Kahuzi-Biega National Park, which is ideal for hiking Eastern Lowland gorillas, are the two national parks in the Democratic Republic of the Congo where gorilla trekking is actively done. The Democratic Republic of the Congo (DR Congo) is by far the most cost-effective location for gorilla trekking among the three nations in which it is possible to do so. The price of a gorilla permit in Kahuzi-Biega or Virunga National Park is $450 per person. Budget tourists have the option of purchasing these permits.

Best time to go for cheap gorilla trekking

Taking into account the size of your wallet, gorilla trekking on a budget presents you with a fantastic opportunity to see gorillas, but the question remains: when should you travel? During the wet/low season, gorilla trekking in Uganda, Rwanda, and the Democratic Republic of the Congo is considered to be the most enjoyable and cost-effective activity. This spans the months of March through May, or October through November.

The advantages of gorilla tracking on a tight budget

When you decide to go on a gorilla trekking safari on a budget, you get to experience a number of wonderful perks, one of which is the opportunity to have private interactions with gorillas. During the wet season, often known as the peak season, most gorilla parks have the highest number of tourists. During the low season, however, the number of visitors is significantly lower.

You will also get the best possible rate for a night spent in a hospitable lodging establishment. Considering that you have something stored, there is also the chance of going to a different location. Visitors may choose from a wide choice of enchanted locations to explore in Uganda, Rwanda, and the DRC.

What are some important things to keep in mind while organizing an affordable gorilla trekking vacation in Africa?

When you are making plans for a gorilla trekking vacation on a budget to take place in Uganda, Rwanda, or the Democratic Republic of the Congo, one of the most crucial decisions you will have to make is selecting an affordable place to stay. Take note that the gorilla parks provide a variety of lodging options, ranging from low-cost to high-end lodges, for visitors to choose from. Thus, select a comfortable place to stay that is also within your price range.

You should also think about finding an affordable mode of transportation to go to and from your individual gorilla trekking destination in Uganda, Rwanda, or the Democratic Republic of the Congo. We provide the greatest rental vehicles available, and all of them are priced affordably for our guests, so that you may go to the location of your dreams.

What Should I Bring on My Trip to See Gorillas?

The list of things to bring gorilla trekking is extensive, but the things you bring should be prioritized according to their level of importance. As a result, you should think about bringing things like insect repellents, sunscreen, gardening gloves, a camera that does not have a flashlight, long-sleeved shirts, bottled drinking water, hiking boots that are waterproof, a daypack that is also waterproof, a first aid kit, and a rain jacket, among other things.

Gorilla hiking rules

In Uganda, Rwanda, or the Democratic Republic of the Congo, the park official briefs you on the gorilla trekking guidelines before you begin your trip with the gorilla family group that has been assigned to you. These include, but are not limited to, keeping a distance of 7-10 meters from gorillas at all times, observing a one-hour observation period once you come across gorillas, refraining from using flashlight cameras, limiting gorilla treks to people who are at least 15 years old, and having a valid gorilla permit at all times.