Coronavirus out break to cripple mountain Gorilla conservation

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From Critically endangered to endangered – Mountain Gorillas safaris
February 28, 2020
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Coronavirus out break to cripple mountain Gorilla conservation

Coronavirus out break to cripple mountain Gorilla conservation

The outbreak of the Coronavirus to greatly cripple mountain Gorilla conservation

Spread by a virus commonly known as the Coronavirus, covid 19 has greatly impacted the world’s economy.

With the travel bans that are being put on a lot of affected countries, Africa’s tourism as has been Africa’s treasure min is to be crippled for a long time.

  • As we take a dive in how this might be, let’s get more insight on the Covid 19

Basing on an article by the World Health Organization (who), three bronchoalveolar lavage samples were collected from a patient with pneumonia of unknown cause on the 30 of December 2019.

Coronavirus out break to cripple mountain Gorilla conservationSurveillance definition established following the SARS outbreak of 2002-2003 in Wuhan Jinyintan Hospital.

Real-time PCR (RT-PCR) assays on these samples were positive for pan-Beta-coronavirus. Using Illumina and nanopore sequencing, the whole genome sequences of the virus were acquired.

Bioinformatic analyses indicated that the virus had features typical of the coronavirus family and belonged to the Beta-coronavirus 2B lineage.

Alignment of the full-length genome sequence of the COVID-19 virus and other available genomes of Beta-coronavirus showed the closest relationship was with the bat SARS-like coronavirus strain, identity 96%.

Virus isolation was conducted with various human cell lines and structural changes in cells were observed 96 hours after inoculation.

Typical crown-like particles were observed under a transmission electron microscope (TEM) with negative staining.

Whole-genome sequencing analysis of 104 strains of the COVID-19 virus isolated from patients in different localities with symptom onset between the end of December 2019 and mid-February 2020 showed 99.9% homology (of  similar relations), without significant mutation

Post-mortem samples from a 50-year old male patient from Wuhan were taken from the lung, liver, and heart.

Histological examination showed bilateral diffuse alveolar damage with a slow-growing type of cancer.

The lung showed evident peeling of two of the membrane formation. No obvious intranuclear or intracytoplasmic viral inclusions were identified.

By the 20th of February 2020, the number of confirmed cases basing on the World Health Organization was 75,465 people in China alone.

Reported cases are based on the National Reporting System (NRS) between the 6 National and Provincial Health Commissions.

TMountain Gorilla Safaris – All you need to know before Your gorilla tourhe NRS issues daily reports of newly recorded confirmed cases, deaths, suspected cases, and contacts.

There are big concerns about whether the virus can infect animals or not as the effect of this virus on animal life is not clear yet.

With concerns still pointed at the animals, there are even bigger concerns of the Endangered Mountain Gorillas of Uganda, Rwanda, and the DRC.

Inconclusion, covid 19 as caused by the Coronavirus has put the whole world in a panic. Countries are closing their inlets and businesses are closing.

As many people continue to die from the unfortunate outbreak, no animal has been reported dead from the virus.

There are, however, animals that share DNA with humans and they are considered endangered.

Though the disease has not been confirmed in Eastern Africa, there is still a big concern or rather a question of whether covid 19 can infect the mountain Gorillas as they share more than 97% of their DNA with humans.

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