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The 17 Days Safari commences and ends in Entebbe integrating adventure, culture, wildlife, primates like gorillas and chimpanzees and recreation.

The destinations featured include; Jinja which is the source of the world’s longest River and a haven for white water rafting, Ziwa Rhino Sanctuary for Rhino tracking, Murchison Falls National Park for sightseeing Murchison Falls, wild game viewing including; Rothschild giraffes, elephants, Buffaloes, Jackson’s Hartebeest, the Nile Launch Cruise or sights of Nile crocodiles, Hippos and Shoebill stork, Kibale National Park for chimpanzee trekking, Mpanga tea estates for cycling, Rwenzori Mountains and Virunga Volcanoes for adventure mountain climbing, Semliki National Park for the Sempaya hot spring tour, Queen Elizabeth National Park for tree climbing lions and the Kazinga Channel, Bwindi Impenetrable National Park for tracking the impressive mountain gorillas, the Lake Bunyonyi for recreational encounter, Lake Mburo National Park for magical savannah game including the Impala antelope, eland, Rothschild giraffe, Topis, Burchell’s Zebra among others and the cultural tours to the Banyankole community, Batwa of Ntandi and Bakonzo of Rwenzori.

17 Days

Min Pax: 2

4720 PP



Gorilla Adventure

Arrival in EntebbeDay 1: Arrival

Welcome to Uganda, “Tusanyuse okukulaba” meaning we are happy to see you. Depending on your arrival time, our company representative will meet and pick you up. Transfer to your hotel for dinner and overnight stay, if you need to check out of the city in the late evening, you can let your driver know about your plan for the night.

Jinja source of the Nile
Day 2: Drive to Jinja – the source of the mystical Nile River

After breakfast, transfer to Jinja driving 80km from Uganda’s capital City Kampala which takes about 2 hours. The drive takes you past the impressive landscapes of the city outskirts before entering into the sugarcane plantations at Lugazi, the forested lands of Mabira and eventually arriving in Jinja for impressive white water rafting.

You raft in the company of expert guides who are at your rescue in case the waters push you off the raft. The crowd cheers from the locals on the river bank enjoying the free sights of your struggle with waters making you part of the community and loved more.

This adventure goes for half day after which you relax a little and then connect to the source of the Nile in the afternoon. The boat cruise to the source of the Nile is a rewarding adventure as it exposes you to opportunities of exploring counts of birds including beautiful Kingfishers. Stepping to the point where John Speke stood as the first European to discover the source of the River Nile takes you back to the ancient times when the mystical Nile River Source lured great men into the world of the unknown. Retreat from Jinja and settle in Kampala overnight.

You will eat dinner and sleep at your lodging.

Day 3: Drive to Murchison falls National Park.

After breakfast, embark on the drive to Murchison Falls National Park covering 311km around 5 hours drive. You branch off at Nakitoma after 115km drive from Kampala diverting from the main road for 7km to Ziwa Rhino Headquarters where you are welcomed and taken to the wild on foot to track the white Rhinos. Here, you have the opportunity to encounter the white Rhinos only here in the whole of Uganda that was reintroduced in the year 2005 following their extinction in the year 1983. Trekking the fifteen (15) southern white Rhinos thriving in their natural savannah thicket of Ziwa Sanctuary while walking past beautiful flora, amazing landscapes, and birds presents a rewarding encounter that is worth undertaking. It marks the beginning of your moments with the big 5 of land animals. Retreat from the activity and continue on the drive to Murchison Falls National Park arriving in the evening for relaxation, dinner, and overnight.

Continue to the lodge for overnight.

MUrchison falls game driveDay 4: Full-day Murchison Falls exploration

After your posh breakfast, head to the rolling savannah landscapes of Murchison Falls National Park for an impressive morning game drive in the northern part of the park. You follow the designated tracks including the Buligi, Albert, Queen, and Pakuba among others stretching to the delta area gaining impressive views of wildlife and the landscapes. The possible sights include Rothschild Giraffes, the Jackson’s Hartebeest, the lions, leopards, elephants, Cape Buffaloes, the Oribis, Kobs among others. You retreat from the activity that lasts 3 – 4 hours and get back to the lodge for relaxation and lunch after which you gather at Paraa jetty for an afternoon boat cruise commencing at 2 pm to gain views of the aquatic Species like Nile crocodiles and Hippos not forgetting the lucky sights of the most sought after shoebill stork. The boat stops at the bottom of Murchison Falls – the world’s most powerful water fall enjoying one of the most magical sceneries in Uganda. Retreat from the activity and connect to the lodge for relaxation, dinner, and overnight.

Continue to the lodge for overnight.

HoimaDay 4: Transfer to Hoima

After breakfast, cross with the ferry to the southern section and drive to the top of the falls to explore the famous Murchison Falls. You encounter the world’s longest Nile River as it squeezes itself to pass through an 8m ravine forming a plume of spray marked by a thunderous roar and a trade mark rainbow as it falls 43m below to the Devils Cauldron. The site is impressive for photography. Retreat from the activity and embark on the transfer to Hoima after breakfast. You make a stop en route at Kibiro Salt Gardens to encounter the heritage of this historic site. The Kibiro Salt Gardens has supported the livelihoods of the surrounding community dating far back to 900 years ago far before the coming of Europeans. The locals extract fine salt which they then exchange with the other communities for food and other items. Retreat from the encounter and transfer to Hoima arriving in the afternoon for relaxation, dinner and overnight.

Fort Portal crater lake encounterDay 6: Drive to the Fort Portal area

Transfer to Fort Portal Area after breakfast following five (5) hour’s drive passing through the impressive countryside landscapes of Kagadi and Kyenjojo that are dotted with lush green, rural homesteads, and farmlands. Upon arriving in Fort Portal Area, you settle for lunch in one of the best restaurants in Fort Portal town after which you embark on cycling in the Mpanga tea estates. On your cycling, you encounter the estate staff plucking tea and you are free to participate in the exercise to gain the exact touch.

Alternatively, you can opt to visit the Amabere g’ Nyinamwiru Caves and hike the Fort Portal Crater Lake field. Retreat from this encounter and embark on the hike to the Fort Portal Crater Lake field where you traverse the challenging slopes of Kyeganywa hill surrounded by a range of crater lakes and crater hollows presenting one of the most beautiful scenic sites in Uganda. The top of Kyeganywa hill offers the views of Rwenzori Mountains on a clear day. Retreat from the chosen activity and transfer to Kibale National Park for relaxation, dinner and overnight

KIbale national park chimpsDay 7: Chimp trekking experience

Gather for a Chimpanzee tracking briefing at Kanyanchu Tourism Center in Kibale National Park to catch up with Chimpanzee trekking which begins at 8 am. After this, you head to the forest in search of the man’s closest relative. Be reminded that apart from chimps, Kibale also supports other 12 Primate Species including the threatened red colobus with the highest population thriving in Kibale, the rare I’Hoest’s monkey, black-and-white colobus, grey-cheeked mangabey, red-tailed and blue monkeys, bush baby, olive baboon and potto which may be viewed during the trek. Retreat from the activity which tends to last 2 – 5 hours and get back to the starting point where you will rejoin your company safari guide, and settle for your packed lunch after which you transfer to Bigodi wetland Sanctuary for fascinating possibilities of sightseeing about 138 bird species. Retreat from the activity and drive back to the lodge for relaxation, dinner and overnight.

Igongo cultural encounterDay 8: Visit the Sempaya hot springs, Batwa of Ntandi.

Drive to Semliki National Park after breakfast at your lodge 78km about 2 – 3 hours’ drive. You drive passed the town of Fort Portal which is one of the organized beautiful towns of Uganda before proceeding to Bundibugyo area welcomed by the views of the Mount Rwenzori block. On arriving in Semliki National Park, you undertake the famous Sempaya Nature walk to explore the hot springs both the female and the male hot springs. The male hot spring also known as Bitente has a wider pool while the female hot spring Nyansimbi features hot boiling geyser that sprouts up to 2m high and boils to more than 100 degrees Celsius. You can boil some plantain or eggs to have picnic bites. The walk to the hot springs also exposes to the lush flora of Semliki Forest which is an extension of Congo forest biome. Retreat from the activity and connect to Ntandi to visit the Batwa people who are initially forest dwellers that were evicted to pave way for conservation. Retire for relaxation, dinner, and overnight on the foothills of Rwenzori Mountains.

Rwenzori mountains hikingDay 9: Adventure hiking to Rwenzori Mountains

Gather at Nyakalengija park station early in the morning to embark on the whole day hike to the Rwenzori Mountains. The Rwenzori Mountain rises to 5,109m above sea level with snowcapped peaks despite its closeness to the world’s main latitude – the Equator. Encounter the world heritage site which is greatly known for its impressive flora other than fauna. The impressive giant lobelias and groundsels are lovely to encounter. The sights of the peaks can be viewed at a distance, the sights of glaciers flowing down the mountain is beautiful not forgetting the savannah landscapes of Queen Elizabeth National Park, the rift valley lakes of George and Edward and Kasese town below. You have lunch on the mountain and retreat in the evening around 5pm for relaxation, dinner and overnight.

Day 10: Morning Game drive & Boat cruise.

You get up early for an early morning cup of coffee while taking in the views of the lush savannah before traveling to the park at 7 a.m. for the game drive. Take a game drive through the Kasenyi trails and the Queen’s Mile in search of fantastic wild game such as cape buffaloes, leopards, topis, elephants, kobs, waterbucks, warthogs, lions, and side-striped jackals, among other animals. After a break from the activities for some leisure and lunch, meet at Mweya jetty for an afternoon Kazinga Channel boat ride, which departs at 2 p.m. This trip allows you to observe the biggest concentration of water-submerged Hippos up close, as well as over 60 species of migrating and resident birds, as well as crocodiles drinking and resting at the water’s edge. You retreat from the boat cruise and do an evening game drive along the Channel track to explore the wild game in their evening moments

Day 11: Transfer to Bwindi

After breakfast, embark on the transfer to Bwindi Impenetrable National Park driving through the southern sector of Queen Elizabeth National Park named Ishasha well known for its tree-climbing lions. The Ishasha sector presents a remarkable encounter with the unique tree-climbing lions which only exist in two spots in the whole world with the Ishasha sector having the best viewing opportunities. You continue on the drive to Bwindi Impenetrable National Park arriving in the evening for relaxation, dinner and overnight

Rwanda gorilla safariDay 12: Bwindi Gorilla trekking

This is a unique day to appreciate the magnificent mountain gorillas. Going gorilla trekking in Bwindi’s steep forested landscapes is a once-in-a-lifetime adventure that will leave you with lasting memories. You meet at the park headquarters in the morning at 8 a.m. for a briefing and to be assigned to one of the gorilla families to track. The experience lasts 2–8 hours, depending on gorilla movements, and you will have one hour to interact directly with the gorillas. When you approach a gorilla, its reaction is unpredictable. They may give you a friendly greeting, or they may ignore you and charge at you. Retreat from the activity and embark on the transfer to Mgahinga Gorilla National park through the fascinating Kigezi Highlands where locals apply terracing methods to cultivate their slopes deriving impressive scenic landscapes. You arrive at your lodge and proceed for dinner and overnight.

Uganda golden monkey safariDay 13: Golden monkey trekking or mountain hiking

Gather at the Ntebeko Park Headquarters for a briefing from the park rangers at 8 am and then embark on the adventure of Volcano climbing to the mountain of our choice. At this time, you would have chosen which mountain to climb Muhabura, Gahinga and Sabyibyo. The 3,669m Sabyinyo Mountain takes around 8 hours to make a 14km round trip with a series of peaks at the top, Gahinga towering up to 3,474m taking about 6 hours with the opportunity to spot the golden monkey if lucky in the Bamboo forest on the mountain slopes and Muhabura Mountain which rises to 4,127m taking about 8 hours to make a 12km round trip involving a steep climb to the top and the peak offers distant views of Bwindi forest, the Rwenzori Mountains on a clear day, the entire Virunga Mountain chain and the three countries of Uganda, Congo and Rwanda.

Alternatively, embark on golden monkey tracking where you have the opportunity to explore the endangered golden monkeys are confined to the Virunga massif on a world scale. The habituated groups thrive in the Bamboo zone on the slopes of Mount Gahinga and their golden patch and playful tactics make them interesting to encounter on Uganda safaris.

Retreat from the day adventure and connect to the lodge for evening relaxation, dinner, and overnight.

Batwa trailDay 14: Undertake the Batwa Heritage Exploration

Mgahinga Mountain forest was one of the ancient habitats for the Batwa people before they were evicted to settle on the margins of the gazetted park. The trail has been developed to enable you to explore the heritage of the Batwa under the company of the Batwa guides who are well set to give an interesting themed interpretation of their past and the present. You start off at the Ntebeko visitor center in the morning following the designated trail with the Batwa showing you a range of items and what they meant to their traditional life including medicinal plants, edible plants, and roots, the wild honey extraction, Bamboo cup making, the tree houses, forest hunting techniques until you reach the Ngarama Cave which was their center and the home to their chief. The Batwa women will sing a range of traditional songs that will take you back to life in the forest and their remarkable culture and heritage. It is a journey back to the authentic culture that now facing the risk of extinction. Retreat from the encounter takes about 5 – 6 hours and embark on the transfer to Lake Bunyonyi driving along the scenic Kisoro – Kabale Road with tits challenging road sections, branch off at Muko and connect to Lake Bunyonyi for relaxation, dinner and overnight.

Lake Bunyonyi encounterDay 15: Lake Bunyonyi Relaxation

Undertake a recreational boat ride on Lake Bunyonyi dubbed the lake of a thousand Islands because of its 29 Islands. Lake Bunyonyi is given as the second deepest Lake in Africa and is surrounded by the magical highlands of Kigezi present magical sightseeing experience while cruising on the calm waters. The boat cruise makes various docks allowing you walk on some of the Islands to explore the local people and their way of life including the traditional foods, the traditional musical performances, the local brew and visit to the local schools. There are a range of other canoes and boat on the lake which offers you an opportunity to interact with the navigators and the fishermen. You retreat from the activity to relax the lodge and eventually overnight.

Day 16: Transfer to Lake MburoLake Mburo encounter

After breakfast, embark on the transfer to Lake Mburo National Park 199km about a 5 – 6 hour drive. You drive through impressive countryside landscapes of southwestern Uganda before approaching Mbarara town – the largest in the sub-region 45km to Lake Mburo NP continuing on the drive to make a stop at Igongo Cultural Center for lunch 12km past Mbarara town also standing the largest private Museum in Uganda with a range of artifacts featuring the tribes of southwestern Uganda and the 1520AD Eclipse monument.

You visit these sites as optional activities. Continue on the drive to Lake Mburo National Park check in at your lodge and relax until dinner time. At 7 pm, you embark on the night game drive in the savannah landscapes of Lake Mburo National Park with possibilities of exploring nocturnal Species including hare, porcupine, Aardvark, white-tailed mongoose, honey badger, side–stripped jackal, bush pig, spotted hyena, serval cat, Jenet cat, civet, thick–tailed Galago and black galago. You also have chances of viewing the day hunters and grazers having in a night’s rest. Retire overnight.

Uganda equator experienceDay 17: Transfer back to Kampala.

Wake up at 6 am and connect to the Enyemebwa center to catch up with the herdsmen getting up to do the milking and their daily routine. You arrive and get the milking equipment including the tying rope and the milking pot to actively participate in the traditional hand milking of the Ankole long-horned cattle, from milking you participate in sick animal treatment, caring for cows like brushing their body using the locally made fiber brush (Enkuyo) and set out to graze in the wilderness. You retreat back and visit the traditional hut where you find the women churning milk in the churning gourd, from here the guide can take you to explore the crop bit of it exploring the extensive banana plantations where you learn about various banana types and their respective use participate in pruning and weeding using local methods and then participate in initial arrangements for traditional lunch. Retreat from the activity and embark on the transfer back to Kampala in the afternoon 240km about a 3 – 4 hours’ drive making a stop at Uganda Equator crossing Kayabwe for amazing photo shoots where you have the opportunity to take photos with one leg in the northern hemisphere and another one in the southern hemisphere. Continue to arrive in Entebbe in the evening for relaxation, dinner, and overnight.

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