Uganda Gorilla Trekking Rules – must know before trekking Gorillas

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Mountain gorillas and humans have many similarities. They are vulnerable to human diseases such as cough, and mountain gorillas are endangered wild mammals; thus, there are a few precautions to follow in order to keep both travelers and gorillas healthy. The following are some of the laws and regulations to follow while going on a gorilla tracking safari in Uganda:

Prior to and During the Journey

  • Both passengers must be at least 15 years old.
  • Before you go gorilla trekking, make sure you wash your face.
  • Keep your voices down. By keeping your voices low, you will be able to look out for various mammals in the forest. By lowering your voices, you will hav a better chance of seeing more of the forest’s inhabitants.
  • Do not leave the Rubbish behind on your trek; the animals will eat the Rubbish and die as a result; always keep all the Rubbish in bags and bring them back with you.

When you come into contact with the gorillas

  • Always stand 7 meters away from the gorillas; the farther you stand back, the more comfortable they become to go about their daily lives. Observe them closely as they feed, play, groom each other, and show their nests; it’s a breathtaking experience.
  • Maintain a low voice at all times, but feel free to ask questions if you need to know more.
  • Stay in eight-person classes.
  • Do not move because the gorillas can take charge, and do not flee because this will increase the danger.
  • Do not look them in the eyes directly. It is not recommended that you contact the gorillas because they are ‘wild animals.’
  • Do not eat, smoke, or drink as this may cause the droppings to live, allowing the Gorillas to eat and possibly leading to disease transmission.
  • Flash cameras with lights are not permitted on the trek because they may frighten the gorillas.
  • The maximum amount of time you will spend with the mountain gorillas is one hour. After spending so much time with the mountain gorillas, they travel 200 meters away and begin speaking in hushed tones.
    In the event that gorillas act erratically, visitors are reminded to mimic their movements by crouching down to calm them down.

General health precautions

If you need to use a bathroom, you must dig a 30 meter hole and fill/cover it after use.
While people with coughs and flues are not permitted to trek with the gorillas, if you are suffering from such diseases, such as air borne diseases, you must turn your head around, cough and sneeze while covering yourself in order not to spread the diseases.
If you feel sick or are carrying an infectious illness, you should stay at home and you will be reimbursed.

What you can carry (Uganda gorilla trekking packing list)

  • Flash photography is not permitted; instead, carry a video camera.
  • Bring sunscreen, lotion, a hat, insect repellent, and rain gear.
  • Bring a packed lunch and plenty of bottled water.
  • Put on ear plugs if you’re not okay with the sound of the jungle.
  • The forest is steep and slippery, so wear sturdy hiking shoes.