Mountain Gorilla Safaris – All you need to know before Your gorilla tour
Mountain Gorilla Safaris – All you need to know before Your gorilla tour
February 11, 2020
From Critically endangered to endangered – Mountain Gorillas safaris
From Critically endangered to endangered – Mountain Gorillas safaris
February 28, 2020

Hot facts you must know about Mountain Gorillas – Uganda Safaris

Hot facts you must know about Mountain Gorillas - Uganda Safaris

Facts you must know about Mountain Gorillas

There are very many wildlife experiences on this planet and most are fascinating. However, none of them rival coming face to face with a 158 kilogram Mountain Gorilla.

For that matter, about 800,000 people travel to Africa every year in order to have a pick at these amazing gentle giants in their habitat.

Setting off to see these giants is not as easy as some may think. It not only requires a ticket to Africa or Uganda in particular but booking a gorilla permit and paying a fee for the permit.

Mountain Gorilla Safaris – All you need to know before Your gorilla tourWe strongly recommend you book your permit months before your trip for you might lose out when if you try to book it at the time of your tour.

This tour takes you into the rainforests of Uganda as the mountain Gorillas love rain forests.

The jungles are thick and the mountains are steep, you will most probably spend an hour gazing at one or more of these gentle giants.

Since its launch or the conservation of the gorilla’s habitats, gorilla tracking has saved these primates from extinction.

This has been through raising awareness and funds for their protection. Travelers are advised to refrain from tracking and give up their permits if they have any signs of a cold or flu.

Local guides and trackers are given frequent health checks to ensure the sustainability of the primate.

This is to protect the giants as they are vulnerable to human disease. Since humans share about 99 percent of their DNA with them – a close bond that raises concerns.

There is a possibility that humans can give deadly diseases to gorillas, therefore, showing just how vulnerable these giants are.

These primates until recently have been considered endangered and scientists believed their number was so small, it wouldn’t take little to do serious damage to their population.

Reviews have for long tried to explain that Gorilla safaris, which bring thousands of visitors to Rwanda’s Parc National des Volcans, Uganda’s Bwindi Impenetrable and Mgahinga Gorilla national parks and Congo’s Volcanoes national park pump a lot of money into these national parks and the countries they are found.

This money has for long guaranteed the protection of the gorillas from other threats like poaching.

Additionally, the income generated from mountain gorilla trekkers helps conserve the local communities that surround the parks, giving residents a financial stake in preserving the gorillas and the national parks, in a country like Uganda where land and resources are scarce.

During the trek, the Uganda Wildlife Authority stipulates rules calling on human visitors to keep at least a distance of seven meters from the gorillas when they trail through the jungle.

If trekkers follow the guidelines aimed at protecting the survival of the gorillas, then the cost-benefit gained is worth the risk.

In conclusion, part of the money collected through mountain gorilla safaris is channeled back into the conservation schemes of mountain gorillas.

It also benefits local communities, helping the gorillas and working to prevent human-wildlife conflict.

So, next time you’re looking for an exciting safari experience, something a little different to the usual African, try taking a look at a close and personal ape experience with a gorilla safari?

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