8 Days South Sudan & Uganda Cultural Safari


8 Days

Min Pax: 2

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Uganda, South Sudan


Cultural, Wildlife Safari

8 Days South Sudan & Uganda Cultural Safari

The 8-day vacation in South Sudan and Uganda is a fantastic combination of South Sudan’s rich cultures and Uganda’s number one wildlife safari. The journey begins in Juba, the world’s youngest country, and continues via the Mundari hamlet before crossing to Uganda’s Murchison Falls National Park for a game safari in the country’s largest national park. You may also see one of the world’s most powerful waterfalls, Murchison Falls, from which the park gets its name.


Day One: Arrival in Juba

This is the day South Sudan, the world’s youngest country, arrives. You are met at the airport by our professional driver guide, who will enlighten you on the entire journey as he transports you to a hotel in Juba town where you will spend the night.

Driving to Mundari on Day 2

The Mundari tribe is one of South Sudan’s most outstanding tribes. You are gonna have an early breakfast and drive to Mundari on this day. It’s a four to five-hour excursion that takes you through South Sudan’s stunning landscape. Arrival is in the evening for tent setup, dinner, and overnight.

Mundari livestock camp on Day 3

After breakfast, visit the Mundari cattle cap to learn about the Mundari’s unique cattle growing techniques. The Mundari are extremely friendly and welcoming. Beautiful images will be taken here, as well as cultural contact with Mundari tribe members. You can feast on local dishes while waiting for the magnificent sunset shots at the cattle camp in the evening.

Day 4: Return to Juba

The fourth day is dedicated to returning to Juba town, a four to five-hour trek through lovely scenery. Traveling through South Sudan’s countryside is an incredible experience in and of itself.

Day 5: Go to Gulu, Uganda.

Begin your journey to Gulu today after breakfast. Now you cross the border from South Sudan into Uganda, Africa’s gem. Arriving in Gulu is in the evening for a quick check-in, dinner, and overnight.

Travel to Murchison Falls National Park on Day 6

After breakfast, transfer to Murchison Falls National Park, Uganda’s largest national park, which is home to over 70 animal species. The park also contains the beginnings of the Nile River, Africa’s longest river. The arrival time is still in the evening, and the travel will include multiple stops.

Day 7: Nile boat cruise and game drive

After an early breakfast, depart for a wildlife drive in Murchison Falls National Park. This park’s game drives expose you to a variety of wildlife species right from the outset. Warthogs, elephants, lions, buffaloes, duikers, waterbucks, hyenas, and other animals can be seen. Return to the lodge for lunch and an afternoon Nile boat trip. The tour allows you to see the devil’s cauldron, where massive amounts of water congregate in a seven-meter-deep valley to make a rainbow.

Travel to the airport on Day 8

Today is the trip’s final day; transfer to the airport to catch your journey home.

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