Uganda increases gorilla permit cost from USD. 600 to 700 from July 2020.



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Uganda increases gorilla permit cost from USD. 600 to 700 from July 2020.

As you might be aware, tracking the cute Uganda gorillas is not possible without a gorilla permit. It is also important to consider how difficult it can be to obtain gorilla tracking permits, particularly if the tour is scheduled on short notice and during peak season (July, August, September).

Uganda Wildlife Authority, a mandated body that governs wildlife (and is explicitly responsible for Uganda gorilla monitoring permits), has raised gorilla permit prices from USD600.00 to USD700.00 per person per trek for Bwindi Impenetrable National Park or Mgahinga National Park, following in the footsteps of Rwanda, which raised gorilla permit prices from USD750.00 to USD1500.00 in 2017.

This announcement was made at a consultative meeting hosted by AUTO, the Association of Uganda Tour Operators. Foreign residents with work permits will pay USD600 per gorilla permit per trek, while East Africans in Uganda, Rwanda, Kenya, Tanzania, Burundi, and Southern Sudan will pay 250,000 shillings to see the endangered mountain gorillas.

While this is a welcome idea because it allows visitors to trek a gorilla family based on their age, physical condition, and interest, some gorilla families in Bwindi need at least a drive to the starting point.

This means that single travelers/backpackers can budget at least USD100.00 for their transfer to the starting point, while those who book all-inclusive tours with us do not have to worry because all transfers are always included in the package.

TIP: Make your reservation now to take advantage of the new gorilla permit prices of USD600 and USD500.

The announcement to raise Uganda gorilla permits to USD700 will not affect all bookings made before July 1st, 2020. This means that anyone who wants to visit Uganda at the same old price can book their gorilla permit before that date. Friendly Gorillas Safaris works with all clients who contact us to check availability, reserve, and secure these gorilla permits on their behalf.

Uganda remains an affordable gorilla trekking destination in AfricaUganda gorilla habituation

Amidst this increment in price of Uganda gorilla permit. Uganda remains the most affordable and safe mountain gorilla trekking destination. Democratic Republic of Congo which is the most affordable of all the three gorilla trekking nations is still not very safe to visit leaving Uganda and Rwanda to compete among themselves.

Rwanda gorilla permits being at USD1500.00 per person per trek in Volcanoes National Park, Uganda remains a better place to visit mountain gorillas.

How to book your Uganda gorilla permits

Friendly Gorillas safaris remains your trusted partner when it comes to booking Uganda and Rwanda gorilla permits. Friendly Gorillas safaris operates gorilla safari tours in Uganda and Rwanda are in position to secure your gorilla permits anytime of the year. All you need to do is to let us know of the of the actual dates when you intend to trek mountain gorillas in Uganda or Rwanda. We will check availability and number of gorilla permits on that particular date and get back to you. We are in position to hold these gorilla permits for seven days in the case of Uganda as we wait for you to make payment.

Once payment is made and proof sent to us, we will go ahead and purchase your gorilla permits using our credit and send you scanned copies for your records and perusal.

With Gorilla trekking being one of the most looked for tourist activity in Africa, gorilla permits tend to sell out quickly and as such there is always need to book these gorilla permits trekking in either Bwindi impenetrable National Park, Mgahinga National Park or volcanoes National Park in advance at least 4-5 months. This helps in not missing out and then the rest of the services such as transport and accommodation can be arranged around the booked gorilla permits.

Uganda and Rwanda gorilla permits inclusion;

  • All Uganda and Rwanda gorilla permits include park entry fees for the respective national parks of Bwindi impenetrable National Park, Mgahinga National Park and or Volcanoes National Park in Uganda and Rwanda respectively.
  • Most importantly, you are allowed to spend one hour with mountain gorillas while observing their behaviours and taking photographs.
  • Included as well are services of an armed ranger guide and trackers who will be with you in the forest looking for these rare but beautiful mountain gorillas.

Uganda and Rwanda gorilla permits exclusions;

  • Transport and accommodation that must be booked independently.
  • Meals are also excluded from the USD. 700.

For all your 2019 and 2020 Uganda and Rwanda gorilla tours, do contact Friendly Gorillas safaris for tailor made safaris or visit our website to book any of our gorilla tours advertised.

You may choose from our Uganda gorilla tours starting from Entebbe or Our Bwindi gorilla tours starting and ending in Kigali. Uganda and Rwanda offer so many things to see and Friendly Gorillas safaris packages trips that are beyond mountain gorillas. You can visit Murchison Falls, Queen Elizabeth NP. Kidepo Valley or Lake Mburo for game viewing and boat cruises or visit any of the tribes of Uganda and Rwanda for a cultural experience while on your Uganda safari tour.

Why book your Uganda Rwanda gorilla tours with Friendly Gorillas safaris?

At Friendly Gorillas safaris we are passionate of what we do. We have invested so much in our office and field staff who handle our day to day office and field activities to make sure that your booking process as well as your safari meets your requirement as well as enjoying any given destination of your choice. Friendly Gorillas safaris is 100% owned and run by Local Ugandans who are knowledgeable in as far as Uganda and Rwanda are concerned.

We have been in operation for more than 5 years and are in position to assist in arranging memorable Uganda and Rwanda safari experiences.

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