Gorilla Safari FAQ


Gorilla Safaris and trekking in particular is a thrilling and ultimate jungle experience that most tourists visiting Africa are picking interest in. As a result, many questions keep arising. Below we answer and discuss some of the most common questions that pop up.

When is the best time to track Gorillas?

The best time to track gorillas is totally all up to you because the Gorillas are always present waiting for you.

As long as you are able to acquire a gorilla trekking permit, then you can track the mountain gorillas any day of the year in Uganda, Rwanda and Congo. Most people prefer taking on the activity during the drier seasons that is June to September, mid-December and January to February.

Do not be discouraged by the rain, as this means you will have the jungle and gorillas all to yourself for an ultimate jungle experience. And considering the fact that prices are discounted during the rainy wet season (October, March-May), it’s a win-win situation. Just carry your rain gear.

What is the recommended age for people to take part in Gorilla trekking?

The minimum age for taking part in this activity is 15 years old. Well, gorilla trekking is a thrilling activity that is open to everyone to enjoy. But considering that it can strenuous and tiring, children below the age of 15 might not be able to keep up or follow the rules and regulations of the activity.

So any person of 15 years and above is more than welcome to track and spend time with these endangered giants.

How much time do I have with the gorillas?

Well once you finally track down the mountain gorillas, you are allowed 1 full hour to watch the mountain gorillas as they go on with their everyday activities.

You are allowed to take pictures but do make sure that your flash is turned off. You can as well ask questions for any clarification or more information about the gorillas. But be sure to do this with a low tone.

In case you want to spend more time with the mountain gorillas, you can opt for a gorilla habituation experience.

What is Gorilla habituation?

In simple terms, it is a process where Wild Mountain gorillas are trained to get used to the presence of people around them. It usually takes 2-3 years.

The gorilla habituation experience in Uganda allows you to spend a maximum of 4 hours with the amazing mountain gorillas of Bwindi Impenetrable National Park. However, this comes at a higher cost than the usual gorilla trekking experience.

How much is the Gorilla permit and how can I get one?

In Uganda, the gorilla permit costs $600 but with effect from July 2020, the gorilla trekking permit will cost $700 in Uganda. The cost for the gorilla permit in Rwanda is $1,500 and in Democratic Republic of Congo it costs $400.

Gorilla permits are to be booked in advance, as soon as you confirm your Gorilla safari to any of the 3 countries especially during the peak season when they are on high demand. Your tour operator organising your safari can book for you a gorilla permit from the responsible organisations from the 3 mentioned countries at no extra cost.

Is it worth it and what are my chances like for seeing the gorillas?

Oh yes, it is because you are 99% assured to interact with the mountain gorillas at the end of your trek as they are known to be in specific places.

Early morning before you start your trek, park rangers go before you to track the movements of the gorillas from the previous night and keep communicating with the park rangers guiding your group on which path to trek to find the gorilla family.

Where can I go for Gorilla trekking?

Mountain Gorillas can be found only in 3 countries in the whole world, namely: Uganda, Rwanda and the Democratic Republic of Congo.

Gorilla trekking in Uganda takes place in Bwindi Impenetrable Forest National park and Mgahinga Gorilla National park in the South Western part of Uganda. Uganda has 13 habituated gorilla family groups that you can visit, with 1 especially habituated for research purposes and gorilla habituation experience.

In Rwanda, you can track gorillas in Volcanoes National park (10 habituated groups) and in Virunga National Park in DR Congo

How many people are allowed on the trekking experience?

Am maximum of 8 people per gorilla group are allowed to trek the gorillas.

You are advised to walk in close distance to each other to avoid being lost in the jungle.

What time does gorilla trekking start and for how long?

Gorilla trekking starts as early as 8:30am (E.A.T) and can go on from 2 to 8 hours or the whole day depending some factors like: the movements of the gorillas, where they spent the previous night or the current weather condition. Nevertheless, your chances of interacting with the mountain gorillas are at 99%.

Trekking Gorillas can be quite challenging and requires physical fitness to accomplish.