Experience Uganda’s cultural history on a memorable Safari

Uganda is a country very rich in culture having the most cultural tribes or people as Batwa Pygmies, Karamojong, Acholi, and the Ankole. A multiplicity of ethnicity, languages, foods, people, beliefs and many other traditional norms are comprised in the Ugandan culture.

Uganda’s cultural safaris will avail opportunities to explore; and enjoy unexplored Uganda’s culture and the hidden treasure in learning it.

The Batwa Pygmies turn out to be the most interesting tribe with interesting history.

Uganda cultural encounter – a must explore cultural adventure (2019)You will also experience Uganda’s history and a great origin right from the pre-colonial Uganda up to the post-independent (post-colonial) Uganda.

The pre-colonial Uganda includes viewing the ancient shrines, kingdoms, and palaces, a thrilling narration about Uganda’s past

Cultural tours in Uganda include visits to the local communities where you will discover unique and interesting cultures including that of the Batwa pygmies.

The Batwa pygmies are widely believed to be the indigenous people of Uganda’s forests before national parks were gazetted.

They lived as hunter-gatherers and supported their diet with fruits, and hunted meat.

A visit to the Batwa pygmies in Bwindi and Mgahinga is something to look forward to on your cultural encounter among other Ugandan delights.

The Karamojong are found in far Northeast near Kidepo national park and a visit to this special community while visiting Kidepo national park is a worthy addition that will spice up your safari.

The Ugandan museums is also another interesting cultural center where you can find historical tools and numerous artifacts that were used in the past.

That is from the pre-historical ages to the recent past and the royal drums. Most of these found at the National Museum and other regional museums

There are a variety of historical monuments and statues scattered within Kampala city presenting great personalities, historical events and many other significant situations in the nation’s past.

Among these monuments are the independence monument, Kabaka Muteesa I statue, Sir. Apollo Kaggwa monument, the liberation statue, and many others.

The Bwindi cultural trail has helped diversify the experience of visiting Bwindi and tourists now have more to see and explore in addition to tracking Mountain Gorillas. Tourists get to sleep in tents, enjoy bonfire barbeque and eat crayfish from the lake.

A visit to Kabale Arts Centre is a great way to learn about the “Bakiga” tribe of Uganda. This small museum has historical and traditional highlights of how the Bakiga resisted the colonialists among many other things regarding the way of life of the Bakiga.

Murchison falls national park is located in the North-Western part of Uganda, it’s the largest national park in the country covering an area of about 4000 square kilometers squared. Murchison falls national park is situated in an area of diverse groups of people in Uganda, the Acholi dominate the North Eastern area, Banyoro in the south and the Uganda cultural encounter – a must explore cultural adventure (2019)Alur in the North-Western part.

All these tribes have very different cultural values and beliefs, you can also have thrilling performances from the Alur tribe, they use a locally made guitar for producing sound the guitar is made of cowhide and twine.

Inconclusion, Uganda has got such a vibrant and rich culture that people from around the world visit the country every year for a memorable experience. Cultural Tourism in Uganda is at its peak throughout the year and visits can be done any time of the year.

Uganda has got many other cultural sites which include; the Kabaka’s Palace, Kasubi tombs, Ndere Center, Namugongo Martyr’s Shrine, Uganda Museum among many others.

Uganda ranked as one of the most hospitable and welcoming countries in Africa. Come and prove this myth yourself by interacting with Uganda’s natives, Friendly Gorillas Safaris will be more than happy to arrange your stay in Uganda.  If you have questions please click here and we will get back to you after receiving your query.