10-Days Mountain Rwenzori Hiking Tour


Hiking the mystical Mountains of the moon in Uganda is truly an adrenaline-pumping activity and beyond remarkable experience that needs physical body fitness, the wonder of the high glaciers, the outstanding valleys and lakes, the bearded lichen hanging from giant heathers with a backdrop of rocky cliffs, crags, and snowcapped peaks.

As you ascend through different vegetation zones harboring a medley of flora and fauna with several biospheres creates the ultimate experience for trekking.

Undoubtedly, trekking the Rwenzori mountains is one of the most fascinating and thrilling activities in the world that offers a once-in-lifetime experience.

10 Days

Min Pax: 2

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Mount Rwenzori National Park


Mountaineering Tour

Detailed Itinerary

Day 1: Travel from Kampala to the Rwenzori base camp.

The safari will commence with a pick-up from Entebbe International Airport and then embark on the Journey to Kasese, the drive takes through Mubende Fort Portal Road. Feel free to tell the driver to make stopovers for washrooms have lunch at Fort Portal and then head to Ruboni Community Camp for an overnight stay.

Accommodation: Overnight at Ruboni Community CampMeals: Lunch

Day 2: From Nyakalengija to Nyabitaba Hut, 2.652 m.

Early in the morning after having your breakfast, you will go for a briefing at Mount. Rwenzori National Park headquarters in Nyakalengija as well as hire the trekking equipment and porters to carry your luggage.

The enchanting hike begins with wandering through the plantations and stunning homes of the Bakonjo “the people of the mountain”, through the dense tropical forest, coupled with high elephant grass and lush bushes. as well as crossing the meandering Mobuku and Mahoma Rivers.

The trail passes through open bracken fern slopes and Podocarpus Forest, up to Nyabitaba Hut, 2.652 m., which is the arrival point for the day.

You will have a great spectacular view of the Portal Peaks and Mount Kyniangoma in front as you trek through the grassland and tropical forests on the lower Rwenzori slopes. With your eyes wide open, you will be able to spot the black and white colobus monkeys, the blue monkeys, and Baboons as well as the melody sounds of the great Rwenzori Turaco.

Accommodation: Overnight at Nyabitaba camp

Day 3: From Nyabitaba Hut to John Matte Hut, 3.414 m.

Wake up early for a delicious breakfast treat, after that, you will trek through verdant shrubs and forest for approximately 30 minutes to the Kurt Schuffer Bridge which is at the confluence of the Mubuku and Bujuku rivers.
You will continue trekking through the bamboo mixed with montane forests and slippery moss-covered steep rocks that lead to Nyamulejju rock shelter where the first hikers used to at times camp and also spend the night.
You also have a lunch break at this point, while enjoying the spectacular views of the magnificent Mount Stanley and Mount Speke if the weather is clear. You will then continue to move through the alpine forest to John Matte’s hut where you will have dinner and a restful night.

The hut is near river Bujuku and most hikers take a bath there, the water is so cold but so refreshing as well.
You will also have a view of the Margherita glacier which is on Mount Stanley between Alexandra and snow-capped Margherita peaks.

Accommodation: Overnight at John Matte hut

Day 4: From John Matte Hut to Bujuku Hut, 3.962 m.

After having your breakfast at John Matte hut, you will go for an invigorating hike crossing the Bujuku River to the captivating Bigo bog experience of how to jump from tussock to tussock.
At Bujuku hut, you will have a glimpse of Lake Bujuku in a valley among 3 mountains: Mt Stanley, Mt Baker, and Mt Speke.

Lake Bujuku lies along the head of a deeply carved glacier of the beautiful Bujuku Valley. Bujuku Valley is perched in between the 3 stunning Rwenzori Mountain chains of Mount Baker, Mount Speke, and Mt. Stanley.

Lake Bujuku is one of the 8 picturesque lakes formed from the glacial marine creation of dams. These also include rivers and streams whose origin is the Rwenzori Mountain ranges and at the slopes, there are unique floral and faunal species that this block mountain supports.

At Bujuku, the Alpine savanna begins, and expect to navigate through a unique vegetation zone not far from L. Bujuku thus there is also a chance to view the elusive antelopes.

Bujuku Hut is strategically located as a stopover and a diversion for climbers who plan to hike Mt. Speke and Mt. Stanley nestled in a valley below Stuhlmann Pass as well as climbing Margherita and Alexandra peaks to Elena Hut.

Accommodation: Overnight at Bujuku hut

Day 5: Bujuku to Ellena camp

From Bujuku Hut climb through moss-draped groundsel vegetation, to Scott Elliot Pass, 4.372 m., between Mt. Baker and Stanley. Here you divert to Elena Hut, 4.540 m. to spend the night before climbing Mt. Stanley.

After taking the hot breakfast, you will set off across the bog towards the trail that leads to Elena. As you climb through moss-dropped groundsel vegetation, vertical bogs, and mud, you will get thrilled to find ladders in the middle of the woods that lead to the more rugged terrain and magnificent scenery ascend to Scott Elliot through steep slopes pass that diverts to Ellena hut.

Accommodation: Overnight at Ellena Hut

Day 6: Elena hut to Margaharita Peak

Wake up early, take your hot breakfast at Elena Hut, and ascend an adrenaline-pumping hike for 3-hours through slippery rock and ice to Margherita Peak on Mt. Stanley, 5.109 m covered by glaciers.

This invigorating walk takes you on to the glaciers, crossing the Stanley plateaus, acclimatized by fog, altitude sickness, and cool weather, and scrambling up to the summit of Margherita the highest peak of Mount Rwenzori.

After you descend for 3 hours from Margharita through thick mud around Lake Kitandara to Kitandara Hut located, at 4.023 m.
From Kitandara Hut you can proceed to climb Mount Baker or Mount Luigi di Savoia and the peak Vittorio Sella. Enjoy the view of Mt. Luigi di Savoia.

Accommodation: Overnight at Kitandara hut.

Day 7: Kitandara to Guy Yeoman

After crossing Fresh Field pass head for the new Guy Yeoman hut at 3261 meters. In case of fog or bad weather, it could be hard to follow the trail and remember that the last part is full of bogs.

Before Guy Yeoman hut there are other two shelters: Bujongolo and Kaijongo. Bujongolo is well known for having been the base camp of Luigi di Savoia, Duke of Abruzzi who conquered and fully explored the Rwenzori in 1906. 6 hours

Accommodation: Guy Yeoman Hut Meals: Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner

Day 8: Guy yeoman to Nyabitaba

After the delicious breakfast, you will descend for 6 hours through tricky terrain and cliffs of Kichunchu that are often slippery and boggy.

Beyond Kichunchu, you will cross the Mubuku River through bamboo forests interesting to birders to spot the Rwenzori turaco to Nyabitaba camp.

Accommodation: Overnight at Nyabitaba Hut

Day 9: Nyabitaba to Kasese town.

Return to the Rwenzori National Park headquarters. After a well-earned rest with the entire trekking group, porters, and guides, you go to Gator’s Paradise Resort for dinner and a night.

Day 10: Transfer to Kampala

After breakfast, we head to Kampala through Kayabwe for an equator experience and souvenirs and lunch stopover and then proceed to Entebbe International Airport.

End of the safari

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