Uganda Honeymoon experience


Uganda Honeymoon experience

A honeymoon is a vacation taken by newlyweds immediately after their wedding, to celebrate their marriage and travel to stunning places to enjoy and relax as they grow more of their intimate relationship.

A honeymoon is a time to bond, relax, celebrate as a couple reflect on your relationship, and look ahead at what is to come.

The long-hidden love stories right from courtship and relationships with joy and hardships to the time of the wedding and the number of years spent in marriage make it worth a honeymoon vacation with your spouse, and you deserve it, there is no way someone will steal your joy, so splurge for that butler.

Worried about where to go for your honeymoon? Uganda will provide a memorable and relaxing honeymoon experience, ideally without putting too much strain on your wallet.

If you want to keep a distance from the usual life and hustle of city life, Uganda offers you stunning dream honeymoon destinations that will make your vacation unforgettable.

If you are looking to get away but want to stay within budget, here in the Pearl of Africa we got you covered with affordable destinations that won’t compromise the quality of your experience.

Uganda’s lodges offer intimate tented cottages and spacious suites serviced by butlers with extras such as private plunge pools and special touches such as romantic meals and picnics in the bush for just the two of you.

Where to go for a honeymoon in Uganda?

Lake Bunyonyi.

Lake Bunyonyi is one the stunning honeymoon destinations in Uganda and is highly recommended because of its outstanding beautiful sceneries that honeymoon travelers wouldn’t miss visiting.

The lake is dotted by 29 islands with different histories and attractions that are accessible by a romantic boat cruise; also, it is surrounded by luxury lodges with scenic views, fresh breath of the lake, and listening to the melodic sounds of the birds.

At this lake, couples can enjoy and relax at the lake on sundowners watching the beauty around.

Pineapple bay

Pineapple Bay is a resort located on Bugala Island on Lake Victoria Uganda.

A blink of an eye spot from the dreamland is breathtaking views of Lake Victoria perhaps enjoy catching some fish with a rod.

The island is a place where you would probably get all your senses into action hence truly a honeymoon destination.

White sandy beaches, fresh fruits, and wide views over the lake are some of the many things which you will enjoy when you visit.

With acres of beautiful grounds to explore and minutes away from the Ngamba Chimpanzee Sanctuary your stay will not only be relaxing but memorable too. Here, you will get a romantic affair.

Murchison falls national park.

Murchison falls national park is the most fascinating destination for honeymoon seekers. The park has got magnificent waterfalls a mere hike to the top of the falls by the couple would have their mind and senses active to capture unforgettable romantic memories.

The park is surrounded by outstanding water bodies like the river Nile that provide a romantic boat cruise to the bottom of the falls feeling the rumbling sound of the fall filled with misty waters in the air.

The park has a medley of wildlife such as lions, elephants, and antelopes among others that will provide a memorable game drive and sundowners, and bush dinners while viewing the game.

Wild waters lodge Jinja

This is located on a private island in eastern Uganda, along the mighty River Nile, wild waters lodge is a great destination for honeymooners seeking to spice up their getaway with a bit of adventure.

It is only reachable by boat making it an adventurous place to stay. It is uniquely perched on granite rocks, with noisy and exciting foamy rapids roaring around.

There is a lovely swimming pool carved out of natural pink granite rocks while the poolside is a favorite spot for cooling off from the sunshine, the cool breeze, and the view of the rapids are breathtaking.

The couple can enjoy activities such as white-water rafting, bungee jumping, jet boating gentle horse riding, and fishing.

Samuka island.

Samuka island is located 9km from the source of the Nile in the surrounding of a bird sanctuary and is accessible by gentle boat trip from the source of the Nile.

If peace and tranquility are your ideas, then this destination is the best. This island is a place for complete relaxation surrounded by a spectacular waterfront setting with no cars and not even roads.

The property boasts an outdoor swimming pool with a stunning view of Lake Victoria. Romance is a priority here because the quiet, cozy rooms and special dinners from the onsite restaurant make a great experience on a perfect getaway.

You will enjoy a romantic boat cruise to the serenity and tranquility of the island plus some activities such as bungee jumping, quad biking, and horseback riding. This is a place worthwhile.

Victoria forest resort

The Victoria Forest resort is an island paradise located along the shoreline of Lake Victoria in Ssesse Islands, kalangala.

A plethora of birds surround the resort, and there is access to many attractions including the magnificent Lutoboka forest.

Enjoy an amazing walk in the Lutoboka forest which is part of the honeymoon package and in addition, is to visit the ruins of the Speke house and a romantic boat ride.

Things to do during honeymoon vacations.

Do Something Adventurous

If you are looking for something to do on your honeymoon that is fun and exciting, do something adventurous, like go zip lining or water tubing.
There is nothing like spending the day with the person you love and going Zip line through the tree canopy or in front of waterfalls, and feeling the thrill, especially if there are double zip lines so you can go at the same time as your partner. Parasail anywhere where there is water and a scenic view.

Nothing beats the peaceful feeling you have while being over 100ft in the air parasailing together with an epic view. Being together and having fun is what a honeymoon is all about.

Doing something adventurous on your honeymoon will help make your special vacation unforgettable. Enjoy!

Plan For a Romantic Dinner

There’s something special about having a romantic dinner out at a nice restaurant on your honeymoon.

It’s a great way to celebrate your new marriage and spend some quality time together, all while enjoying a delicious meal with love stories.

Before your honeymoon, do some research on great restaurants and lodges in Uganda such as Munyonyo commonwealth hotel, Serena Hotel, and Bunyonyi resort hotel among others.

Pick one that serves cuisine both you and your partner enjoy, as well as one with a romantic or unique ambiance. This is a great pre-honeymoon activity to do together to get you excited for your big trip!

Walk on the beach.

One of the most romantic things to do on your honeymoon is to stroll, hand-in-hand, on soft sand, whether you’re on the beaches of Lake Victoria or the dramatic bank of lakes or rivers in Uganda.

You can watch the waves (and if it’s warm, even jump in!) and keep an eye out for cute wildlife swimming through the water.

Try to time your stroll with sunset- beaches always look the most magical in the soft, golden light and with the sun sinking beneath the horizon.

With nothing but the sound of the crashing of the waves and your brand-new spouse, you can talk about your dreams for the future together and take in the spectacular beauty of the Lakes.

Plan A Honeymoon Photo-shoot

One of the best things to do on a honeymoon is to plan and do a photoshoot together.
It is very romantic to capture your trip such that you can look back at it later.
Besides that, the activity of the photo shoot itself is fun as well, as you get to pose with your partner.

For this, you could hire a photographer to make the whole experience more convenient and much more relaxing. Also, a photographer can make sure that every photo looks perfect.

Watch the Sunrise or Sunset

Watching the sunrise or sunset together is wonderfully romantic at any time, but no more so on your honeymoon.

If you’re early risers then waking up to see the start of a new day and your new life together will be another memory to cherish, wherever you are. Even if you just peek out of the curtains before going back to bed!

However, if you can take a trip somewhere beautiful, to a beach or a hilltop with a view of the sunrise that would make it even more special. You could even bring a breakfast picnic to enjoy when it gets light, or a flask of hot coffee and a blanket to keep warm.

The same goes for sunset. It’s a chance to look back on what might have been your first full day together as a married couple and chat about what you loved about the day or even how you might improve it – there will be a new day tomorrow to try again after all!

Simply taking time to enjoy the simple things together will help cement your relationship and will surely be the start of a long and happy marriage.

Top Uganda Honeymoon experience Packages

Enjoy Couples Massages

What better way to unwind from your big today, than a couples massage?

A massage is said to release oxytocin, the “love hormone”. So, you will be creating those love hormones together and strengthening that bond from your vows, whilst easing away any stresses from flower arrangements and seating plans. Plus, by having the massage at the same time, it means you are both on the same zenned-out plain at the same time.

Go on a Picnic

A picnic is one of life’s simple pleasures, especially if it is shared with the one you love. After all the hectic days leading up to your wedding, you’ll want to take time to relax during your honeymoon. Why not find a quiet, beautiful spot and share a romantic picnic with your new spouse?

The great thing about a picnic is that it can be as simple or as fancy as you wish. It’s your choice: red plastic cups or fine crystal? Go all out and pack a basket with your favorite nibbles, strawberries, chocolates, and a bottle of champagne. Eat, drink, laugh, and reconnect — what a lovely way to start your new life together. Cheers!

Take a Couple Dances Class

Why not embark on a sensual, or just fun, couples dance class on your honeymoon?

Imagine yourself gliding over the dance floor to mesmerizing music embraced by your significant other who just said yes to spend the rest of their life with you.
There are numerous dance styles to choose from if you want to explore your rhythm, as well as your non-verbal communication skills. This moment when you have all the time in the world just for each other could be perfect, whether you prefer an energetic rock or a sensual salsa.

Even if you were born with two left feet, when celebrating the most personal and intimate commitment of your life, learning to dance together might just give your union an extra spark from the get-go!

Go For a Helicopter Ride

One of the cool and maybe surprise honeymoon experiences you can do is to take a helicopter ride and see things from a high vantage point.

Many honeymoon destinations offer helicopter ride experiences and when you include this into your honeymoon adventure, this takes it up a notch especially if it is a surprise adventure.

The thing about this kind of experience is that you want to mention that it is a honeymoon experience so you may get a free upgrade to front-row seats without having to pay for the premium seats so do keep that in mind or maybe, they will include some extra spiff, video or even a champagne toast for this experience.

Plan this honeymoon experience way so you can plan anything additional to the experience to heighten the entire experience, maybe some professional photographs, a picnic experience, or even a fun limo ride to the airport to start your helicopter tour in a luxury and fun experience from start to end.

Go For a Scenic Drive

A super romantic thing to do on your honeymoon is to take a scenic drive. This could be part of a scenic road trip or a shorter drive as part of a more contained getaway.

Create the perfect playlist with all your favorite tunes, buy some snacks, and head on out. Along the way, find a perfect spot to stop and soak in the views over a romantic picnic lunch.

The scenic drive stop over to Bunyaruguru in western Uganda is the best for lovers to enjoy the scenic views of the crater lakes and have a sundowner there!

Other scenic drives can be done in Kabale and Kisoro moving on the snake-like roads with beautiful anticlines and synclines (hills and valleys) with terraces that are good for photography and picnic lovers.

Go Visit the waterfalls.

Adventurous couples will love the sense of discovery that comes with chasing waterfalls such as Murchison Falls, Karuma Falls, Arua Falls, and sipi falls, among others in Uganda.

Take in the beautiful tropical scenery as you follow a meandering path through dense forest, crossing streams and hopping your heart will pound with excitement when you start to hear the sound of rushing water rushing.

And then there it is, hidden behind the foliage, a waterfall more majestic than you had imagined. This intimate setting forms the perfect decor for a moment of romance.

Make the most of your adventure by enjoying a picnic or even taking a dip. Make it clothing optional if you happen to have the place all to yourselves.

Enjoy a Dinner Cruise

If you’re looking to combine romance, fine dining, and romance, an evening harbor cruise could be just the honeymoon activity you’re looking for.

Setting sail before sunset on Lake Victoria and Bunyonyi, you’ll have the opportunity to see the thrilling islands and wildlife both by daylight and nightfall.
Whilst on board, you’ll also be served a delicious multi-course meal and have access to a well-stocked bar. Moreover, many dinner cruises also invite live singers and piano players onboard to perform, adding to the romantic ambiance.

We have sailed on dinner cruises in several different locations in Uganda and though each experience has been unique, they have all been incredibly worthwhile. We suggest you book about cruise when planning your honeymoon too in Uganda.

Go Hiking

Is there any better place to relax and connect with your loved one, than in nature? And what better way to enjoy it than by taking a hike over the beautiful mountains and hills of Uganda?

Often the most beautiful and secluded scenes can be found on foot, and it’s the ideal way to discover your chosen honeymoon destination.

Taking a walking hike to the highest peak Margharita of Mount. Rwenzori, perhaps hiking the hill of Kisoro, Kabale, and Mt. Elgon, you’ll find this romantic activity fitting for a loved-up respite from the real world. Pack a picnic don your hiking shoes and hit the trails!

Why go on a honeymoon?

It’s a time of privacy and focus for the newly married couple to begin this journey together. On a honeymoon, you and your spouse are completely focused on each other and the joy your union has created. This infusion of joy helps solidify the foundation of this lifelong commitment.”

In skipping the honeymoon altogether, you’d be missing the opportunity to have that precious private time to focus on the massive life milestone and transition you’re both experiencing together.

You and your spouse will be able to relish the sweet memories you make together during your honeymoon for many years to come, including when challenges arise.
“A honeymoon allows you to revisit and draw strength from the fun and beautiful memories created on your honeymoon years later when some of the struggles of long-term relationships begin to emerge,” she says

The Benefits of Going on a Honeymoon

Concentrated Alone Time

One of the main benefits of a honeymoon is having undistracted alone time to be fully present, nourish your new marriage, delight in each other’s company and truly celebrate your commitment.

The Chance to Disconnect

Leading up to and during your wedding, there is a lot of interaction with other people, from your wedding vendors to your guests. Your honeymoon is an opportunity to disconnect from everyone and everything for a few days and focus on just each other.

Time to Play Together

When life gets busy. It’s easy to put fun activities on the back burner. Your honeymoon is a chance to put play at the top of your priority list, which is very important for your marriage.

“There’s something about a honeymoon that gives a couple permission to play and have fun. Play is one key component that helps couples through challenging times, and starting your foundation with play is a good investment.”

In conclusion.

A honeymoon is a romantic vacation for newly wedded couples that gives privacy, disconnection from the wedding and time to relax, enjoy, and create a lifetime bond between the partners. Uganda is one of the fascinating destinations with outstanding natural beauty offering exceptional honeymoon vacations that create unforgettable African honeymoon memories.