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Do you want to go on a safari in Uganda?
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We plan exciting Uganda safari adventures that are truly satisfying.
Wildlife safaris in Uganda, gorilla tours, cultural safaris, chimp safaris, and hiking safaris are just a few of the Uganda safaris that we organize.

Our tailor-made trips are inexpensive and easily customized to suit our clients’ needs.
We offer exclusive visit packages such as gorilla and chimp trekking safaris, eco-visits, social strolls, hiking tours, city visits, and whitewater rafting, among others.

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[photo_box image=”1398″ link=””]3 Days Queen Elizabeth NP Safari
Besides the vast wildlife of Queen Elizabeth National park, the safari also takes you for a guided chimpanzee trekking in Kyambura and also participate in unforgettable boat ride
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[/photo_box][photo_box image=”1388″ link=””]5 Days Uganda gorilla & Wildlife safari
This safari will take you for gorilla trekking in Bwindi Impenetrable Forest, west across the Albertine Rift Valley. Most importantly, this safari will take you to meet humans’ closest relative
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[/photo_box][photo_box link=”” image=”1480″]8 Days Gorilla and Active Adventure Vacation Safari
THis 8 days Uganda adventure tour is one of the prime adventure safari packages that you can ever have in Uganda. The safari features white water rafting and bungee jumping along the Nile River,
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[photo_box image=”1476″ link=””]2 Days Uganda wildlife safaris at Lake Mburo NP
The 2 days Uganda safari to Lake Mburo Is a rewarding short Uganda safari to a serene lake, rolling hills and abundant wildlife makes Lake Mburo a gem of a national park.
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[/photo_box][photo_box image=”1477″ link=””]3 Days Chimp Tracking in Kibale Safari
This 3 days Uganda Chimpanzee safari takes you to Kibale National park, Uganda’s (and world’s) most rewarding destination to meet chimpanzees and a total of 70 mammal species. This 3 days …
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[/photo_box][photo_box image=”1488″ link=””]5 Days Family Safari & City adventure in Uganda
Today, a family trip is no longer about getting children into the car and looking for a nearby beach or Resort, family trips have grown to be more interesting and also giving a chance to your kids to love travel read more [/photo_box]
[photo_box image=”775″ link=”″]6 Days Chimpanzee & African Big 5 safari
This safari takes you to the Murchison Falls NP. The highlights of this park include: the roaring rapids of the Murchison, the rolling plains of Uganda’s largest National Park
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[/photo_box][photo_box image=”1478″ link=””]4 Days Queen Elizabeth NP safari with Ishasha extension
The 4 Days Wildlife Safari in Uganda to Queen Elizabeth National Park leaves no park detail for the Uganda safari undertaker. The lovely tour exposes you to amazing Equator crossing
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[/photo_box][photo_box image=”1489″ link=””]6 days Wildlife tour Murchison Falls & Kidepo Valley NP
This safari takes you to Murchison Falls NP. Expect the roaring rapids and the rolling plains of Uganda’s largest National Park with abundance of wildlife & birds like the elusive shoebill stork.
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[photo_box image=”1475″ link=””]2 Days Uganda Wildlife Safari to Murchison Falls NP
The 2 Days Uganda wildlife safari to Murchison Falls National Park takes you to the magical tour to the top of the Murchison Falls – World’s most powerful waterfall, a game drive
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[/photo_box][photo_box image=”1479″ link=””]4 Days Safari in Uganda to Kidepo Valley NP
This 4 Days safaris is a short one that takes you to the remote and virgin wilderness areas that Uganda has to offer thus involving extended drives.  The safari takes you to Kidepo Valley National Park
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[/photo_box][photo_box image=”1491″ link=””]17 Days Comprehensive Safari in Uganda
The 17 Days which allows you to explore a range of Uganda Safari commences and ends in Entebbe integrating adventure, culture, wildlife, primates like gorillas and chimpanzees and recreation.
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