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3 days wildlife safari to Murchison Falls National park

3 Days Gorilla safari tour to Uganda

3 Days Uganda gorilla safari

Enjoy Uganda at a glimpse as you encounter the thrilling mountain gorillas and undertake a romantic evening boat ride at Lake Bunyonyi.

8 Days Active Adventure Vacation

8 Days Active Adventure Tour

This 8 Days Active Adventure Vacation features white water rafting & bungee jumping along the World’s longest river, River Nile.

16 Days Epic African safari in Uganda

16 Days Epic African safari in Uganda

Enjoy the best Uganda has to offer in 16 Days. This 16 Days Epic Uganda safari tour takes you to explore the fascinating destinations and attractions.

9 Days Chimp & Wildlife safari in Uganda

9 Days Chimp & Wildlife safari in Uganda

This tour takes you to meet the amazing Uganda’s mountain gorillas in Bwindi and also exposes you to Chimpanzee trekking.


Uganda gorilla safari tours and relaxation at Lake Bunyonyi

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Welcome to Uganda – The pearl of Africa.

Uganda safari toursIt is not surprising that Lonely Planet recognized Uganda as the number 1 African safari destination in the world. Uganda has not only more than half of the world’s mountain gorilla population, but also has vast and virtually virgin tracts of wilderness and culture that truly suits the adventure lovers. Uganda safari exposes you to dazzling destinations with remarkable encounters.

Crowned the Pearl of Africa by Winston Churchill, Uganda reveals the true uniqueness of Africa. When in Uganda, you do not only have a ‘once in a life time’ opportunity to track the amazing endangered gorillas in Bwindi or Mhaghinga National Parks, but can also track chimps plus 12 other primates on Uganda’s National Parks safaris, pure BIG-5 safari experiences in lush savannah national parks, do mountain hiking, enjoy Grade-5 white-water rafting on the world’s longest river Nile, and authentic Ugandan cultural experiences as you meet the Karimojong people.

Uganda is located on the equator and therefore green and very fertile. The variety in landscape is stunning and allows you to do so much more than only safari. You certainly can’t miss out on visiting the wonderful lakes like Lake Victoria, Lake Bunyonyi and Lake Mutanda.

Our distinctively crafted gorilla, wildlife or cultural tour packages and safari experiences will give you remarkable and memorable encounters as you undertake your family safari, adventure holiday, private or group tour, one-on-one researcher tours, highly adventurous expeditions and cultural safari experiences in Uganda.

If you prefer an adventure holiday or a fun packed family safari in Uganda and want to visit specific destinations and encounter specific activities, our experienced and passionate Tour consultants shall prepare a suitable itinerary that beats your expectations.

Book your Uganda tour with Uganda Gorilla tours and enjoy the fascinating experience in the pearl of Africa!

Other commonly booked African Safari tours to Uganda

7 Days Epic Gorilla Safari in Uganda

The 7 Days Gorilla Safari in Uganda is an adventure tour that takes you for an adventure discovery before meeting the impressive wild-lives in Queen Elizabeth & Bwindi NP.

10 Days Uganda Albertine Rift Encounter

The 10 Days Uganda Safari Encounter in the Albertine rift is an exceptional package that takes you to the Uganda’s tourism hot spot.

14 Days Uganda Birding & Wildlife Safari

The 14 Days Uganda Birding Safari takes you through the Mabamba wetland with counts of shoebill stork, Kibale National Park.

18 Days Best of Uganda Safari tours

The 18 Days Best of Uganda Safari tours features an extended encounter allowing you to explore a range of Uganda safari sites in detail.

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