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Useful Uganda Gorilla Trekking info

What is Gorilla Trekking?

Gorilla trekking is a safari activity where travelers hike through the thick tropical rainforests of Bwindi, Volcanoes, Mgahinga, or Virunga National parks in search of the endangered mountain apes.

In Africa, you can only do mountain gorilla trekking in Uganda, Rwanda, and the Democratic Republic of Congo.

For you to be able to undertake gorilla tracking in Uganda, Rwanda, or Congo, a Gorilla tracking permit is required. The said permit should be acquired ahead of time to avoid late-booking challenges.

How much is a typical Rwanda/Uganda Gorilla Tour?

Whenever planning for your luxury Gorilla trekking in Uganda or Rwanda, Three factors must be considered when looking for the best offer on a gorilla trekking tour in Uganda or Rwanda: the gorilla permit, lodging, and transportation to and from the park.

Luxury Gorilla trekking in Uganda usually costs between USD990 and USD1620 per person sharing, not including trekking permits.

In Uganda, a gorilla monitoring permit costs USD700, and in Rwanda, it costs USD1500, which is the same as gorilla habituation in Uganda.

The cost of accommodation per person sharing can range from $50 for a budget hotel to $1500 or more for a luxury hotel.
Bwindi or Mgahinga parks are also accessible by road or air. 

How long does Uganda gorilla trekking take?

In Uganda, Gorilla trekking begins early in the day with a briefing by the ranger guides about the Gorilla trekking rules (gorilla safari dos & don’ts), after which you are divided into trekking groupings of 8 before each tracking group is assigned a specific mountain gorilla family.

At that point, you head into the thick forest guided by the park ranger guides, tracing the mountain gorilla family based on its last known location or where the gorilla group spent the night.

The whole activity of gorilla trek in Uganda or Rwanda can last from 30 minutes to 8 hours (3 fourth of the day) depending on how long it takes to find your allocated gorilla family, and you should in this way be prepared for mild adventure.

Upon meeting your allocated family, you are given a maximum of 1 hour with these gorgeous gentle giants, in which you will take photographs, watch them and ask the ranger guide any questions you may have.

Whether in Rwanda or Uganda, Gorilla trekking has been referred to as “an exceptional experience” and it should be on your bucket list of things to do in Africa.

Best time to see Rwanda/Uganda Gorillas

Frequently, travellers ask “when is the best time for Uganda Gorilla trekking?”.

Well, the Mountain Gorillas of Uganda can be trekked throughout the year. However, given the cost of the Gorilla trekking permit (Rwanda Gorilla tracking permits at $1500 and Uganda Gorilla tracking permits at $700), everybody would need to travel during the time when they can get the best value for money and gorilla trekking experience.

It is therefore important to note that the drier months of June, July, August, September, December, January, and February are the best for gorilla trekking. During this period the trek is exceptionally pleasant as it’s very easy to explore through the thick forests of the Bwindi Impenetrable Forest national park and the Volcanoes National Park, the parks are not dumped and wet, there is less mist, and it isn’t extremely cool.

However, it is additionally great to note that since these are tropical rainforests, it’s possible to rain even during dry seasons.

Then again, if you are hoping to go gorilla tracking in months where there are discounts, Rwanda offers their gorilla trekking permits at $1050 for low-season months. As for Uganda, take note that the low-season discounts were discontinued.

How much is a Uganda gorilla trekking permit?

You must obtain a gorilla trekking permit in order to see these gentle giants.
We will secure your Rwanda or Uganda trekking permit after you book your trip, and we will also be able to tell you if gorilla trekking permits are available for your travel dates before you book.

For foreign visitors, the Uganda Gorilla permit costs $700, $500 for foreign residents, and 250,000 shillings for East African residents.
The Rwanda Gorilla trekking permit, on the other hand, costs $1500, with a discount of $1050 available during low season and only if you tour a few Rwandan parks prior to your Rwanda Gorilla safari.

Each country has an issuing body, in Uganda, it is the Uganda Wildlife Authority (UWA) that issues gorilla trekking permits, while in Rwanda it is the Rwanda Development Board.

In Uganda, the trekking permits authorize you to trek the gorillas in Bwindi Forest National park or Maghinga park while for Rwanda permits, you trek them in Volcanoes National Park.

Note that the gorilla trekking permit is valid only for the booked date.

When to visit a Rwanda/Uganda Gorilla trekking tour/permit

If you plan to tour gorillas in Uganda or Rwanda, it’s vital to book your gorilla trekking tour or permit not less than 3 months before your tracking date. This is because gorilla trekking permits tend to sell out too fast, especially in the high seasons.

Therefore, if you don’t book your gorilla trekking tour on time, it’s possible to find gorilla tracking permits for the desired dates unavailable. However, in case you end up in a position where you need to book a very late Gorilla trekking safari in Uganda or Rwanda, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us. We usually have some reserved permits and still, you can be lucky to find some permits for your desired travel dates available.

Where is Bwindi Impenetrable National Park located? (Uganda gorilla tour top destination)

The Bwindi Impenetrable Forest National Park is home to half of the world’s mountain gorilla population, making it an awesome destination for your gorilla trekking tour. Situated in Southwestern Uganda, the Bwindi national park is subdivided into four sectors, each having several habituated gorilla families accessible for you to trek.

The four sectors of Bwindi are; Buhoma, situated in the north of Bwindi, the Uganda gorilla safari park (likewise, Buhoma is the first sector to be opened for gorilla trekking), the Ruhija sector in the east, the Rushaga sector in the south, and the Nkuringo sector additionally found in the south.

The choice of the sector to track the gorillas in Bwindi depends on several factors including availability of the gorilla trekking permits, choice of hotel, desired gorilla trekking experience, and so on.

What is included in a Uganda gorilla trekking permit?

The Gorilla permit grants you privileges to trek the mountain gentle giants in the Bwindi Forest national park or Maghinga park or Volcanoes national park. The trek in search of the mountain gorillas lasts from 1 to 8 hours depending on several factors like the location of the trek, altitude of the gorilla tracking sector, physical capacity of the trekkers, movement of the mountain gorillas, and so on.

However, after finding your specified family, the gorilla trekking permit lets you spend a maximum of 1 hour with them.

It is additionally imperative to take note that part of the Uganda gorilla trekking permit fee is utilized to do gorilla conservation work, some are used to build infrastructures around the parks, and another portion is used to develop the neighboring communities. In this way when booking your Uganda gorilla tour, you are directly taking part in the conservation of these endangered species!

Minimum age for Gorilla Trekking in Uganda

The lowest age limit for gorilla trekking in Uganda or Rwanda is 15 years. However, under extraordinary conditions, we can acquire gorilla permits for your kid(s). Regardless of whether they are beneath the allowed age for gorilla trekking.

There is no highest age limit for gorilla trekking in Uganda or Rwanda. If you are a bit physically weak, note that gorilla families are allocated based on physical strength, age, and more. Therefore, we can ask the team to allocate an appropriate and easy-to-track gorilla family.

Therefore, with Friendly Gorillas Safaris Ltd, you don’t need to worry about whether or not you will track them. Simply get in touch with us and based on the details you give us, we will design the best trekking trip for you!

Uganda gorilla trekking packing list

For a successful Primate trek, you require everything that can make your trekking experience charming, and some of the stuff we recommend having in your packing list includes;

  • Trousers,
  • Hiking boots,
  • Insect repellents,
  • A hat if obtainable,
  • Sunglasses if available,
  • Garden gloves if accessible, and you may carry some energy-giving foods (however, you should not eat when with them).

Chances of See Gorillas in Uganda

Many times, before embarking on a gorilla tour in Uganda, you may ask about the chances of seeing these gentle giants during your gorilla trekking tour. Well, whether you choose to go gorilla trekking in Uganda or Rwanda, there is around a 99% chance of seeing these gentle and adorable wild giants.

This is because the habituated gorilla families are closely observed, and the ranger guides are always in the know of the whereabouts of every gorilla family.

Therefore even before you go out for the gorilla trek in the morning, the ranger guides always track them beforehand and you track them based on their last known location.

Feel free to contact us at Premium Uganda Gorilla Safaris if you are interested in finding out more information about the chances of seeing these adorable primates.

How possible is Uganda gorilla tracking tour from Kigali/Rwanda?

It’s extremely possible to tour Uganda or the Bwindi Impenetrable Forest for a gorilla trekking safari through Kigali. The driving time from Entebbe to Bwindi is 10 hours, while the drive from Kigali to Bwindi is just 4.5 hours. Therefore, numerous people from Rwanda safaris opt to tour the gorillas through Kigali. Don’t hesitate to book your gorilla trekking tour from Kigali with us.

You can likewise begin your tour in Kigali and end in Entebbe and the other way around in the event that you have more activities you intend to undertake. (in case you need to visit something further than the gorillas).

It should likewise be noticed that the East African tourist visa can permit you to get to these countries with ease. The East African tourist visa costs $100, and we encourage you to purchase it in case you anticipate visiting two or three east African countries of Uganda, Rwanda, and Congo.

Does Uganda offer discounted gorilla tracking permits?

Indeed, there are discounted permits accessible to see the mountain gorillas in Volcanoes National park. These discounted Rwanda trekking permits can be secured at $1050 for the low season months of May and November, however, the main condition is that you spend three days in any other national park in Rwanda (Nyungwe Forest national park or the Akagera National park). This is the only way you can earn a discounted Rwanda gorilla trekking permit.

It’s additionally essential to take note that currently, Uganda has canceled the discounted trekking permits, and thus, to see the mountain gorillas in Uganda, you need to part with a fixed fee of $700 for the Uganda Gorilla permit.

When to book a Discounted Rwanda Gorilla permit

If you are planning to travel in the low season (months of May and November) when Rwanda discounted tracking permits are at USD1050, we encourage you to book your excursion no less than two months ahead of time. This is because many people book their trips to Volcanoes National Park during this period.

If you don’t mind get in touch with us to book your Rwanda low-season gorilla trekking tour.

Discounted Congo Tracking Permit

The Democratic Republic of Congo is another destination in the world that’s home to the remaining endangered and rare mountain gorillas. The other nations with these gentle giants are Uganda and Rwanda. A typical Tracking permit to see mountain gorillas in Congo’s Virunga National Park is USD400.00 and includes park entry fees, one hour with them, and services of a ranger guide throughout your trek.

Congo provides discounted permits at USD200 only and can be booked for you if you book with us an all-inclusive tour. For further information regarding Congo discounted gorilla permits and budget Congo safaris, please contact us via cellphone or email.

How many people per gorilla tracking group?

The predetermined number of people to trek/tour a mountain gorilla family for each day is 8. The Bwindi National park has 14 habituated Gorilla families which you can trek depending on the allocated trekking sector, Mgahinga park has 1 gorilla family open to trek, while Rwanda’s Volcanoes national park has 10 habituated families available for tracking. On occasion, a group may have more than 8 people appointed, the park warden explains this in case it happens.

Then again, the highest number of people assigned to a tracking family during the Gorilla habituation encounter is four. This is because the gorilla family groups being habituated are not used to seeing many people and may become aggressive if they feel threatened.

So, if you want to spend more time or want to avoid interference from the many people when encountering gorillas, you need to book a Rwanda or Uganda gorilla habituation experience.

What is Gorilla Habituation Experience?

Before gorillas families are made accessible for trekking, they are habituated by specialists and researchers at the parks.

The term gorilla habituation implies that gorillas are gradually acquainted with human nearness, to such an extent that they end up used to human presence. This makes them less shy, and less aggressive therefore enabling all family groups to be tracked.

Therefore, whether you are trekking gorillas in Uganda or Rwanda, a Gorilla habituation encounter is a longer version of the gorilla trek where you spend a maximum of 4 hours with the gorillas rather than only 1. The Gorilla habituation encounter was introduced in 2014 for gorilla enthusiasts to experience the procedure in which wild mountain gorillas are habituated (acquainted with human presence) to such an extent that they can be available for gorilla trekking. The gorilla habituation permit in Uganda costs USD 1500 , and just 4 people per day are permitted per gorilla family being habituated.

When to book a Uganda gorilla permit

Gorilla trekking is one of the outstanding activities among others that you can undertake while on your tour of East Africa. For this reason, the Uganda or Rwanda gorilla trekking permits tend to sell out extremely fast. We therefore strongly encourage you to book your gorilla trekking tour 3-4 months early or even earlier before guaranteeing that your permits for the preferred travel dates are secured before they run out.

It’s likewise imperative to take note that for the peak season months of June, July, August, September, December January, and February, the permits typically get sold out, and therefore just in case you are planning a gorilla trekking tour in Uganda or Rwanda during these months, you need to book the trip early.

About Uganda

Uganda is a small country with a total area of 241 136 square kilometers. Purely blessed, with 440 square kilometers of sparkling water.

Daytime temperatures in Uganda range from 24 to 28 degrees Celsius.
A total of 125 mm of rain fell in two seasons: April/May and November/early December.
However, since the sun shines during the rainy season, it also rains even during the dry season.

English is the most widely spoken language in Uganda.
The ecosystem ranges from savanna to wooded areas to snow-capped mountains, a fantastic range that includes over a thousand species in its recorded hen list.

The official language is English, and the currency is the Uganda Shilling (about 3680 Uganda Shillings = 1 USD).

About Rwanda

Rwanda is a very small, landlocked country found in Central Africa with approximately 26,340 sq. km. during your Rwanda tours, you will find five prominent volcanoes and 23 lakes, and quite a few rivers. A massive phase of the country has an altitude of between 1,500 and 2,500 meters above sea level.

In prehistoric instances, one-third of Rwanda used to be covered with woodland rain forests. Today the only large tract of forest left in Rwanda is Nyungwe in the southwestern part of the country; it covers almost 1000 square kilometers. Some areas of forest run up to the Volcanoes National Park in the northeast, but most of the natural vegetation here is bamboo woodland and open moorland.

Rwanda’s highlands in large parts of the country are now dominated by the terraced agriculture that gives the Rwandan geographical region its beautiful and exceptional views. The eastern part of Rwanda has totally special vegetation, the standard African bush, a combination of Savannah and grassland dominated by acacia trees.

Average temperatures are between 24 – 27 degrees with the Coolest months from August – September.

Official languages; Kinyarwanda, French, English & Kiswahili.
Local Currency; Rwanda Franc Approximately 580 Rwandan Franc = 1US Dollar (as at January 2020)

Uganda Visa Info

All foreign nationalities require entry visas when entering Uganda. Simply put, with no visa, there’s no way you can tour Uganda. But, not to worry, when planning a safari to Uganda, Visas can be purchased on arrival at the airport for USD 50 or can be issued by a representative of Ugandan High Commissions in the countries where you are coming from.

Planning to visit Uganda and you are an East African national? You will be issued a 6 months local visa (renewable) at the border with no fee.
All other nationalities will be required to purchase visas at minimal costs and the price depends on the nationality, up to USD60 for a single entry.

IMPORTANT: The visa certification/permission MUST BE processed in advance of your arrival irrespective of whether or not you fly or drive to Rwanda/Uganda – through their closest Rwandan High Commission.

Rwanda Visa Info

All visitors to Rwanda (both by road and air) who are no longer eligible for the free ninety days entry into Rwanda or qualified to get their visa upon arrival are required to make an “entry facility application” on the Rwandan immigration Authority’s internet site – – below the Menu “Public service” click on “entry facility” and on the form, you will fill in the basic important details like name, passport number, arrival date and port of arrival – and submit it over the internet.

It is really important for travelers planning to visit Rwanda to follow this and do it as quickly as possible to allow enough time for the visa application to be approved. It’s appropriate for Rwandan visitors to print out a copy of their submission so that they avoid inconveniences when they arrive in Rwanda.

Upon re-entry into Uganda, e.g. from Rwanda via road, a transit visa for USD15 may be conceivable, depending on your itinerary and the safari destination you are heading to, and for how long you plan to take. Many times, a full new single entry visa at USD50 will be charged.

It is YOUR responsibility to make sure that your passport is valid for a minimum of six months and has various clear pages for visas before departure. If you are visiting Uganda on a British Passport new policies require that your passport is valid for 12 months for entry into Uganda.

Uganda Gorilla Tours Health Requirement

Yellow Fever vaccination is required. For anyone touring the East African safari destinations of Uganda, Kenya, Tanzania, or Rwanda, you must have yellow fever vaccination. This should be acquired no later than 10 days before your Uganda gorilla tour departure.

If you have records of liver problems (hepatitis, etc) you should consult your doctor first before departing for your Uganda gorilla safari tour.

Typhoid can also be requested from the authorities when crossing into Rwanda, even though it is uncommon for it to be requested. This can be completed by way of your local group or through a journey clinic.

Tetanus is also recommended, as is Cholera but is not compulsory.
Hepatitis vaccination is at the discretion of the traveler.

Malaria tablets are necessary and can be purchased from your neighborhood pharmacy or anywhere during your tour to Uganda. Get in touch with your pharmacist/doctor if you need a better prescription.

It is also a good idea to carry along some insect repellent (mosquito repellent) with you to spray on yourself in the evenings and early morning.

Uganda Gorilla/Chimpanzee Trekking Requirements

Mountain gorillas and Chimpanzees are pretty prone to human diseases like flu and colds. If you are embarking on an Uganda gorilla/chimp trekking, then you need to be free of any visibly contagious.

For a trouble-free gorilla encounter, it should be noted that sick persons are not allowed to visit gorillas in Uganda. Should you have a cold, flu, or related sickness, you are not allowed to embark on a Uganda gorilla trek.

In case of any emergency, do inform your safari guide as soon as possible, and he will seek advice regarding possible ways (s) to deal with the situation.

Whenever in Uganda tracking gorillas or chimpanzees, you are advised to strictly follow the tracking guidelines to avoid conflict with the Gorilla tracking authorities.

Uganda Gorilla Trekking Road Safety

While touring Uganda/Rwanda, you will likely be on rough roads and they are in fair condition in comparison to African standards. There may additionally be some VERY LONG days in the vehicle, but the interesting and various scenery encountered during your safari makes this another exciting experience!

Your Uganda luxury safari vehicles are typically used to transfer between destinations and National park game drives and other relaxing activities at the hotels and inside the National Parks.

Gorilla trekking Luggage Info

Due to space barriers in the planes, luggage must be saved to a minimum. Also to avoid inconveniences during gorilla tracking, we only recommend you carry the most important items.

We advise a barrel or smooth bag (15 kg maximum) for your essential gear, plus a digital camera bag or smaller ‘day pack ‘ for the interior of the vehicle. Samsonite / difficult luggage/suitcases, etc. are not appropriate as it makes packing very difficult.

Charters bags allowance – If you are traveling on a mild aircraft within Uganda, then the baggage restriction is based on other customers and bags weights and varies from plane to airplane and routing however normally only up to 10kg per person in soft baggage and this is strictly due to for safety reasons.

Rwanda/Uganda Gorilla Trekking attire

You can go on a gorilla trekking in Uganda/Rwanda at any time of year.
It will also be necessary to bring some rain gear because it can rain at any time.

For the hike to see the gorillas in Uganda, we recommend light clothing and sneakers.

The type of clothing you wear during your Uganda luxury gorilla safari will vary depending on the safari activities, destination, and weather.

When visiting a rural village or market, women should cover their knees and shoulders; however, none of the lodges/hotels require formal attire such as ties, jackets, or other formal attire, so casual is the norm.

Jungle attires like hiking boots, no white colors, e.g. greens, khaki, and comparable neutral clothes are recommended. During the daytime on safari, typically shorts or lightweight trousers, t-shirts, hats, sunblock, and many others are encouraged as it is usually pretty warm (25-35 degrees C average).

Avoid wearing blue shades in areas where you will be highly attracted to tsetse flies while on your gorilla tour in Uganda, as they are attracted to these colors.

For mountainous areas, such as Bwindi or the Virungas, we recommend bringing a warm layer such as a tracksuit, fleece, or sweater.
Because it is at a higher elevation, it will be colder in the evenings.
– A rain jacket/anorak is also recommended because it rains, even in the drier months, in the rainforest areas.

Long trousers and long-sleeved shirts are also recommended for nighttime use to help prevent mosquito bites and because it is typically cooler than during the day.

For a ready-made or custom-made gorilla safari to Uganda, please do contact us for a full list of your gorilla tracking packing list.

Uganda Gorilla Filming Info

There is no charge for personal filming of gorillas and other scenes with non-public video cameras, like digital, phones, and so forth in Uganda or Rwanda.
Professional photographers, filmmakers, or media personalities are advised to seek advice at the time of booking and all necessary photographing and filming costs shall be broken down.

Since most safari lodges in Uganda operate on solar power, During your gorilla tour in Uganda, you are strongly advised to make perfect use of your camera power and charge whenever you have the chance. This will ensure you have a memorable Gorilla trek.

Gorilla filming tips;

  • Do not shoot photos of any authority’s buildings, police, or military posts.
  • Ask permission before photographing local people.
  • For gorilla photography, a 35 – 70 mm zoom or 50 mm fixed is typically sufficient.
  • Take speedy film if using a movie (200-400 ASA plus), as you are now not allowed to use a flash.
  • Please take a look at your digital camera before to make sure you comprehend how to turn it off manually.
  • Game & bird photography obviously longer lens would be encouraged 80-300mm ideally.
  • Do not spend all your time with the gorillas trying for the classic photograph, look around you, and observe and enjoy these gentle animals.

Laundry Info

During your gorilla safari in Uganda, it is possible to have your laundry done at a small extra cost. Mostly it is achieved through hand and dried naturally outside. There are a few safari lodges with machine laundry.

Please check the system upon arrival at each lodge to ensure you are not caught short with wet washing – especially in high-rainfall areas like Bwindi.

Electricity in Uganda

Electricity spec Uganda: 240 volts British Standard, generally through 3 pin square plugs.

Rwanda: 240 volts but using the 2-pin European style plugs.

Some lodges and camps have power only at certain times of the day, and some charging facilities are public. You will need your charger.

In gorilla safari lodges/ camps using solar electricity, the amount of power available for charging often depends on how sunny the weather has been and how busy the lodge is with charging equipment, so whilst they will always try to assist, continuous charging cannot be guaranteed at all times to be available.

Use of specialized electronics, hairdryers, curling tongs, shavers, and other electrical equipment is possible at hotels in towns and lodges with large generator power backup systems but generally not possible at solar-powered lodges – please check your Gorilla tracking Uganda detailed itinerary to ensure you are aware of where you can utilize these items and advise your agent in advance if special arrangements need to be made like for breathing machines.

The safari vehicles you will use throughout your Gorilla tracking tour may also have invertor systems for charging items but this facility is not guaranteed.


When flying to Uganda/Rwanda, the preferred currency to carry is US dollars. Once in Uganda/Rwanda, we recommend that visitors exchange some dollars for local currency to use as spending money on the road for things like beverages and souvenirs. Friendly Luxury Gorilla Trekking Uganda recommends keeping small notes (USD 1, 5, 10, 50) as well as USD 100 dollars; however, only bring dollar bills that are newer than 2009. Please make sure that all of your USD bills are in decent shape, with no rips, tears, or stains.

It’s worth noting that, while smaller notes are more comfortable in terms of changing currency and not having to come along with a huge amounts of local currency, there is usually a surcharge when adjusting them. Keep your receipts; if you have evidence of purchase, you can exchange excess local currency (Shillings) for cash as you leave Uganda.

Unfortunately, you would not be able to change money using traveler’s cheques during your safari because they are notoriously difficult to cash, particularly in major cities, notably on weekends and after hours. Changing TCs in the remainder of the world is almost difficult. For more details, contact Premium Gorilla Tracking Uganda.

Credit Card usage during Uganda Gorilla Trekking

To our knowledge, only a few banks in Kampala are allowed to have credit card cash advances. Visa cards are usually accepted, but Mastercards rarely accepted. They can only be accepted if they pass internal security tests. The amount that can be drawn is restricted, and it can only be done within banking hours.

Exchange rates may be low, and additional service costs can be charged.

In certain locations, credit card payments will only be made through a VISA or MASTERCARD. Only big hotels allow this method of payment, and they usually charge a fee of at least 5% on top of all bills. So, the long and short of it is that you can never use your credit card in an emergency. Credit cards are accepted by Premium Luxury Uganda Gorilla Trekking.

ATM Machines

ATM Machines – they are often not working although there are now some in Entebbe, Kampala, and also some in larger upcountry towns. They pay LOCAL MONEY only and the client needs an international use PIN code to draw money and it can only be done with certain cards. Maximum Ush5 million per day (about USD1200 equivalent) but also depends on the client’s bank setup and maybe less. Contact Premium Luxury Gorilla Tracking Uganda for more details.

Please also be aware that the traffic in & out of Kampala is terrible and so going to the bank can take up to one hour just standing in traffic in the city.

Drinks to expect during Uganda Gorilla Safaris

You will generally be expected to purchase your drinks on a luxury safari in Uganda. Most camps/lodges have a reasonable selection of wines and spirits – with the more upmarket ones generally offering more choice. Beer, cool drinks (sodas), bottled water, local gin, etc. are readily available everywhere. Prices vary depending upon where purchased.
Please be aware that you should only drink bottled water, not from the taps for health safety reasons. Bottled water is available for purchase everywhere en route and some lodges also supply limited courtesy bottles in the rooms.

Please bring your supply of water purifying tablets, or your water bottle if you prefer. Contact Gorilla tracking Uganda

Travel Insurance

It is a strong recommendation that you are covered by some type of medical insurance. Should
you require further information please do not hesitate to contact us. The minimum cover should be
$50 000 for medical and related expenses.


The Entebbe airport has a reasonable duty-free section – with an array of curios, t-shirts and books, maps, etc – for last-minute shopping. Certain of the more up-market lodges also have curio shops. There is also a limited choice at the curio markets around the country and in Kampala. Speak to your guide for advice if you are looking for something in particular.

Duty-free allowance is 2 bottles of wine/spirit and 200 cigarettes.

How safe is Uganda Gorilla Trekking

Your non-public protection and well-being are our prime concerns. Please take care of all your private possessions at all times – do not tempt petty theft, pickpockets, and many others by showing large quantities of money, specifically when close to markets or in the center of Kampala / Entebbe / Kigali. Valuables, especially cash, travelers’ cheques, and deposit playing cards ought to be kept on your individual at all times.

A “moon bag” or “body belt” is a beneficial object for storing cash and other valuable small items. When leaving the car in towns, please make sure all the windows are shut and that you take your valuables and cameras with you for protected keeping.

When at hotels, we advise you both to hold your cash and valuables with you or utilize the secure preserving facilities furnished at quite a several establishments.

Please additionally be positive to check your room and ensure you have the entirety packed before moving on to a new place.

Tipping Guidelines

It is at your discretion as to the guest, however not compulsory, and based on your Uganda gorilla experience. We suggest that to inspire and appreciate your tour guide, potters, etc you offer a token of appreciation to them. This depends on the excitement/fun you had during the tour Uganda gorilla encounter. Also sometimes, the number of days you spent during your Uganda tour determines the amount of money you give the guide. In any case, any amount from USD.10 per day is fine.

Gorilla & Chimpanzee Guides: Tips ought to be put in the central tip container if furnished or given to the major information who will distribute among all the trackers and game guards – an area of USD15 for the major guide (per guest)
Porters: This is a non-obligatory greater and they are generally employed for around USD15 per porter per day the tip will differ depending on the workload – between USD15-20 per guest for each porter.

Safari Driver/guides: USD 5 to 50 per day – per guest, averaging 4-6 visitors in a vehicle. If you are traveling privately, i.e. just two of you, please tip at your discretion.

Lodges /camp staff: We advocate USD 3-10 per visitor per stay. Many of the smaller hotels have central tip boxes. At motels and large companies, it is commonly given at your discretion to persons who have performed well.

National Parks Guides (cruises/bird walks): For every guide USD 3 to 5.00 per visitor in local currency.

Porters at inns: Around USD1-2.00 in neighborhood currency

Waiters / Bar Staff: 10% of the bill, or say Uganda Shillings 2000-3000 as a tip for service.

Accommodation to expect during Uganda Gorilla Tours

Depending on the category or style of your safari, your lodging may range from luxurious to moderate or budget. There are many one-of-a-kind types of accommodation in Uganda/Rwanda ranging from large hotels to smaller more intimate accommodations and tented camps.

Do get in touch for a personalized itinerary with details of each vicinity you will be staying on your safari.
Should you stay in the extra modest local hotels/guest houses during your Uganda tour, you will have the use of showers and toilets; hot water cannot usually be guaranteed. The hotels/guest houses themselves are very primary and normally clean, the staff is pleasant and helpful.

Uganda safari lodges are relaxing and less noisy, in particular on weekends but the neighborhood is pleasant and tolerant. Food is usually decent, hearty African fare, and every so often there are European/Western devices available.

Green Forests Uganda

If you believe that everything south of the Sahara is parched, yellow, and dry, you are incorrect! Uganda is blessed with lavish rich forests and wildernesses whose encounters can’t be exchanged for anything. Experience a Uganda safari and discover for yourself.

The rich and luxurious wilderness which for the most part contains the rain forest is superseded by banana, tea, and coffee plantation around the village making the lengthy drives energizing and truly remarkable. These rain Forest like Bwindi Impenetrable forest features more than 1,000 blossoming plant species and right around 200 unique sorts of trees, many of which are endemic.

This valuable ecosystem is home to a mind-blowing range of birds, butterflies, and mammal species including some of the rarest creatures on the planet.

Ugandans Hospitality

Uganda has the friendliest people in Africa. The sight of a guest accelerates a smile on everyone’s face. During your safari, these locals will show this by making proper acquaintance with you as they say hello and keep calling out Muzungu wherever you pass.

This warm perspective about Ugandans can make any kind of visitor feel at home while in the country. That is one incredible reason why you should plan to take a safari to Uganda.

Each traveler who visits Uganda realizes that interfacing with the local people will ensure an extremely extraordinary travel experience as they will train you and give you a more extensive experience into their way of life and culture. You can undertake a Cultural safari in Uganda to further discover the fascinating culture of Uganda.

Cheaper Gorilla Permits in Uganda

In comparison to Rwanda, Uganda has lower gorilla tracking permit prices.
Far from that, Uganda has over 9 gorilla tracking families in Bwindi Impenetrable Forest National Park’s Rushaga, Buhoma, Ruhija, and Nkuringo regions, as well as one family in Mgahinga park.
In comparison to other destinations, this makes it easier to find gorillas in Uganda.

In Uganda, gorilla permits allow you to trek the gorillas in Bwindi Forest or Mghahinga parks, while in Rwanda, gorilla permits allow you to trek the gorillas in Volcanoes national park.
Please keep in mind that the Uganda gorilla trekking permit is only valid on the scheduled date and can not be used by more than one person.


Friendly Gorillas Safaris practices Responsible tourism by involving the local community in tourism, we take you to only eco-friendly safari lodges. We shall take you to visit some of the local communities to learn from them and we also give you opportunities to visit and support vulnerable persons like orphans, widows, and poor old people. If you are interested in such engagement, contact Premium Gorilla trekking Uganda early enough and we can set up times/days on safari where you can visit an orphanage, or school, assist or give a donation for “something specific”.

Handouts of cash (except as real tips) sweets, pens, etc. to please be avoided. It creates a gadget of begging and continuously motivates fights amongst the kids when there is now not adequate to go around. Contact Premium Luxury Gorilla Safaris Uganda for details.


Bwindi Impenetrable National park, a renowned gorilla tracking destination is positioned in southwestern Uganda and is divided into four regions. Buhoma region in the North, Ruhija vicinity in the east, Rushaga, and Nkuringo in the south.

Each area has given habituated gorillas families for gorilla tracking. If you are to trek gorillas in Bwindi Impenetrable National Park, then you need to think about a specific region where you are going as this will have an effect on the Lodge to be booked, gorilla permit as well as your transport.

Contact us for more info about Bwindi gorilla treks and holidays.

Top Wildlife & Uganda Gorilla Trekking Safaris

Luxury gorilla safaris are designed to provide complete comfort, peace of mind, and world-class services such as lodging, transportation, and adventure to travellers.
During your Luxury Gorilla Tours in Uganda, you will not have to deal with the stress of traffic jams or eating unpalatable foods, but rather with comfort.

Taking a Gorilla Trek in Uganda or Rwanda while on safari is the most amazing activity for all tourists visiting these countries.
These two countries are without a doubt Africa’s best safari destinations, thanks to the resident population of endangered mountain gorillas that can’t be found anywhere else in the world.

Today, there are only two places in Uganda where you can go gorilla trekking: Bwindi Impenetrable Forest National Park and Mgahinga Countrywide Park in Uganda, and Volcanoes National Park in Rwanda.
Mountain gorilla tracking is possible throughout the year in Uganda and Rwanda, but most tourists choose to trek from June to September, and then again from December to February.
There are a few things you can do to make your gorilla trekking experience more luxurious, such as taking chartered flights, staying in luxurious lodging, or booking an entire gorilla family to trek.

Instead of taking the lengthy tiring drives to the gorilla parks specifically in Uganda – usually takes 9 to 10 hours drive, On your luxury gorilla tour, you can opt for a forty five (45) minutes constitution flight to the close by airstrips round the park. This you can additionally do while in Rwanda.

Both Rwanda and Uganda have excellent luxurious lodging hotel rooms or motels where you can stay during your visit, and these will provide you with a very pampering, blissful, and overwhelmingly satisfying service. We’ve highlighted some of the best lodging options for you to consider below.

To participate in this adventure, everyone needs a gorilla permit, and you can trek in a group of up to eight people.
You can choose who you want to trek with throughout your Uganda luxury gorilla safari. Those who value privacy may choose to purchase all of the group’s permissions.

Why Choose us

Guaranteed Gorilla Permits

Friendly Uganda Gorillas can acquire your tracking permit all year (something, not all tour operators can claim) and we are known for acquiring them swiftly on our gorilla safaris in Uganda.

Sustainable Tourism Principles

Friendly Gorillas Safaris is one of Uganda’s premier tour providers for sustainable, environmentally friendly, and ethical gorilla trekking. We promote ecotourism as a way to help people whose livelihoods are reliant on wildlife ecotourism.

Exclussive Private Safaris

Our tour groups are never larger than six persons, allowing us to provide a high-quality and authentic experience to everyone of our guests.

Balloon Safari

Let’s Show you the Uganda We know
the BEST way possible!

Uganda is a hidden treasure with a wealth of unique and exciting travel opportunities that you will undoubtedly enjoy.

Uganda, known as the world’s greatest monkey trekking country, has a lot to offer in terms of wildlife viewing, gorilla trekking, primate encounters, cultural safaris, adrenaline adventures, mountain climbing, and honeymoon safaris, to name a few.

Responsible Tourism

Premium Luxury Expeditions is a renowned travel company in Uganda that promotes sustainable, environmentally friendly, and ethical gorilla trekking, notably in Bwindi Impenetrable National Park. We are local business owners that promote ecotourism as a way to enhance the livelihoods of communities who rely on wildlife tourism.

At Friendly Uganda Gorillas, we encourage gorilla tours with a reduced environmental imprint and higher economic value to the local community, as our name indicates.

Featured Uganda Wildlife Adventures

On the Uganda wildlife Safari, you will be lodged in a well-selected, clean, and environmentally sustainable lodge with unrivaled facilities during your gorilla tour in Uganda with us, ensuring that your stay in Uganda is unquestionably unforgettable.
Send us a message today, and we’ll get back to you with our best offers.

Well Crafted Uganda Expeditions

Whether you want to drive the savannah plains in search of the BIG 5, spend one life-changing moment with the mountain gorilla giants, keep up with our close primate cousins, witness natural wonders, walk the warm sandy beaches barefoot, or dance to local tunes with the locals, our team of local safari planning experts can help you plan a successful Uganda safari holiday. Take a look at the several sorts of safaris we provide; perhaps one of them is right for you!


Although seeing wildlife in their natural habitat continues to captivate millions of people all over the world. There's something particularly more fascinating about seeing gorillas in their natural habitat.

Gorillas are captivating and scare in equal measure, their colossal size posing a menace while still being breathtakingly gorgeous, meaning a luxury gorilla trekking is going to make you adroe them even more.


The phrase "Big Five" was invented by big-game hunters to describe the five most difficult animals to pursue on foot in Africa.

The objective of most wildlife enthusiasts visiting East Africa is to view the Big Five in the wild, which has become a trendy tourist buzzword.

The big five are among the most hazardous and popular species for big game hunters. Along with the elephant, leopard, buffalo, and rhino, the lion is the most prominent member of the coveted 'Big Five' club.


Kenya's biggest attraction is the annual Great Migration of mega-herds of wildebeest, zebra, and gazelle, which follows the summer rains and lush grasses.

Because Kenya is readily combined with Uganda, Tanzania, and Rwanda, gorilla trekking may be added to a Kenyan safari.

It might also include a variety of safari and beach combo excursions. Kenya has much to offer every tourist. From family safaris with kid-friendly activities and services to luxury hideaways for romantics, adventurers, honeymooners, and small groups of friends and family celebrating a milestone anniversary, there's something for everyone.


Chimpanzee tracking (trekking) is an activity in which tourists walk through the forest with the assistance of a guide, following the route made by a habituated chimpanzee family, and then spend time (typically an hour) with the chimps learning about their traditions.

According to lonely planet, Uganda's Kibale National park is ranked among the best Chimp trekking parks worldwide.


Uganda Cultural tours enable travelers to visit and interact with the cultures of the areas they visit. Visitors to a particular area or home have an opportunity to be part of the music, dance, drama, and folktales.

During your luxury Cultural safari in Uganda, you will learn about the values of the people and participate in cooking traditional food and thereafter eating fresh organic meals.

For a better Uganda cultural experience, you can add specific cultural activities to your itinerary!


You can mix Savannah encounters with mountain rainforest jungle activities with a Uganda luxury safari/ Uganda tour.

The amazing views and sounds of an African safari journey, which are frequently only seen on television, are the main appeal for most Uganda luxury safari tourists.
Uganda offers a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to live this adventure.

Uganda Gorilla Safari News

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